oh the madness

oh the madness


March madness has begun with the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The last two years our family and extended family have  logged our brackets online and

commiserated as members were devoured by upsets and nail-biting worthy games.

This year, I was leading the first day not dropping a single game!

I was flying high until Georgetown (my pick for champion) lost to Harvard.

I thought I was being cute picking an old school champ.

Apparently, cute doesn’t apply to basketball.

At this point, I have one team left in the final four and they were not my projected winner.

Now you understand our message board above!

Oh the madness!

My bracket will become confetti for someone else’s victory.

All is not lost as it is spring break.

Instead of being  glued to the hoop scores, I may have my head in a book.

Take a peek:


A Secret Kept (audiobook)-Listening to this  book has made my walks more exciting. The author also  wrote Sarah’s Key. You may
have seen  the movie which is a mixture of heartbreak and redemption. I think it would be a sad read, so I picked this
book instead. Bonus: it is set in France so I get to hear the correct French pronunciation versus my poor attempt if I were reading the book.

Bread and Wine-I was very excited to receive an advanced copy of Shauna Niequist’s long-awaited third book.
It’s part memoir,part cookbook. I am enjoying it greatly. I will be posting about it and perhaps sharing a recipe soon.

Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God-Who doesn’t need more wonder?

The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag-Time to immerse myself into the second Flavia de Luce mystery.

What are you reading on your couch or packing in your suitcase during spring break?

I would love to hear what you are reading!

6 thoughts on “oh the madness

  1. I read Sarah’s Key twice last year and agreed, it is a tear producer. The author paints a very disturbing visual story. So sad what we humans can do to one another…


  2. Comment #2 as I had to go and finish dinner.
    I recently read “The Sweetness of Forgetting”, which is a novel and recipe book. Set in a bakery in Cape Cod and a trip to France. A story of a wounded family with ties back to WW2. Also a story of redemption and healing. Helen, you can borrow it if you like.
    Also as the recent winner of your book giveaway, I am reading Bo Stern’s book. Thanks so much Helen! Love ya my sister!


  3. I love that title…The Sweetness of Forgetting.
    I just might have to nab that from you once my book pile goes down a bit.
    Sister love back to you dear Mary!

    Oh and I know you are gonna love Bo’s book!


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