detox update

detox update


A few people have asked  how I fared on my 3-week detox.

I am happy to report that today is day 23.

I still am eating clean.

That means I am coffee free.

This also means that I am Splenda free as well.

I haven’t added back much of my pre-detox foods.

I did have some bread and it made me feel the same as if

I had ingested milk.

Perhaps I am joining the ranks of the gluten-free.

I will say that day 10 and 11 were the hardest.

They were also the last day of the headaches.

My body was quite grumpy with me and yelled,

“Seriously? No coffee, no sugar, no meat, no dairy,no artificial,

no fun!

I will make you take a nap!”

I did!

After those two dreadful days, I hit my stride.

I felt my body exhale.

I allowed my body to rest and it has thanked me.

I don’t miss coffee as much as I did week one.

I do have a quiet fear of doing what I have done in the past.

The last time I gave up coffee, I lasted for months.

Then one day, I decided I wanted just one cup of coffee.

What could be the harm?

It was akin to an alcoholic and that first drink after sobriety.

I was a full-fledged coffee drinker again.

This little box has helped…a lot!


Just like the box says, it’s a fine tea.

But some days, I don’t even feel the need for tea and

that feels tremendous.

My days have been full of Brussel sprouts, turnips, parsnips and yams.

Beets, lentils and delectable spaghetti squash.


A bowl full of golden goodness just waiting to be swimming in marinara.

I chose my most colorful dishes during this time.

I ditched the water bottle and drank my water in sparkling glass with lemon and lime slices.

I brewed tea in cups not often handled.

I celebrated each meal and snack.

I was grateful for the array of foods I got to enjoy.

I plan to continue to view eating as a joy and a privilege.

Whether it be steamed broccoli or a cheeseburger.

Don’t ever detox your joy!

Here’s my favorite snack when I missed chips.


Roasted Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

When you take them out of the oven,
it will remind you of Mexican Jumping Beans.
They keep popping, doing a little celebration dance of health.
Okay, the detox has not improved my humor or lack thereof.

Savor every moment!



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