beautiful battlefields giveaway!

beautiful battlefields giveaway!


Battles of any size enable us to see the mighty arm of God and the power of His love for us.

On the fighting field we see Him in action and experience the rewards of fighting in the shadow

of His supernatural strength.

This, my friends, is treasure for the taking.

“`Beautiful Battlefields“`

I for one want to see any battle from the vantage point of a Mighty God arming me with His all-powerful love.
I want to know, I don’t fight alone.
I want to be a witness to His strength and experience what it is like to dwell in the shadow of His wing.
I want to know Him better be I fighting or simply standing.

Don’t you?

Much to my delight, I was able to wrap my arms around Bo this past weekend.
I mentioned to her how nice to see her in person, 3-D if you will.
We spend so much time looking at photos on screens.
We aren’t like Flat Stanley.
We are living breathing masterpieces.

Not having seen Bo in a while, just on the screen, I was struck by how small she is.
In her speaking and her writing, there is immense strength and power.

Dear ones, when the Spirit of God resides squarely in your days, you become like Him.

You are infused with  strength when you feel fragile.

You are adorned with  power when you are prone to faint.

God’s ways forge with your ways.

His character reigns all over your life.

I think you will see this in the pages of this book.

I wrote about Beautiful Battlefield here.

I love how Bo shares her own struggles and how God met each area.

I also really appreciate that she shares strategies to aid in fighting battles.

I know you will love reading this book and if not for yourself, for someone in your life

who could use some tangible encouragement.

Bo has graciously given me an autographed copy of Beautiful Battlefields to giveaway!

How cool is that?!

I walked from my car this morning and as if overnight, my stark front yard was dotted with colors.

I think hardship can be like what I saw this morning.

Days blur into weeks and months of  a landscape covered by shades of grey.

Then one day and it might only last a day, life looks different.

You realize you have been held tightly in the palm of His hand and your vision has been shielded

by the shade of your Maker.

He opens His palms to enlarge your vision.

There is glorious color to behold.

Leave me a comment and tell me:

Are there signs of spring where you live?

Spring is popping out all over here in Portland.

Our yard is full of camelias and it makes me so happy!

Leave me a comment and I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday evening!

Thank you so much Bo!

Read a sample chapter here.

Check out Bo’s blog here and Facebook page here.

6 thoughts on “beautiful battlefields giveaway!

  1. I heard Bo on the Georgine Rice show–and her story is very compelling and God honoring! I was going to order the book tomorrow but will wait and see if I am selected:) Love ya Helen, Mary


  2. Helen, I have the book and so I don’t need to be entered into the drawing. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how dearly you are loved!


  3. Helen, this book sounds wonderful! Nothing like a give-a-way to get me to respond (hehe). Chelan reached mid-60’s the other day…now that is what I call Spring. 🙂


  4. Helen, I also have the book,autographed by Bo even! I have given this book away to a couple of my sisters who also are in the battlefield and everyone has the same response…so good and so encouraging. Spring has not so much as sprung yet in Central Oregon but oh the glorious sunny days, these I love!


  5. The title of the book on its own is powerful as “beautiful” and “battlefields” are so incongruous. I’m interested to see what’s inside. As for spring…today I enjoyed walking among the beauty of forested Mt. Tabor. Such gorgeous weather!


  6. Spring saunters in here and briefly announces its presence, before it retreats for a few more weeks. Today was a “save the date” announcement from spring, so I’m doing just that! I’ve never read of Bo Stern’s writing – would love to get a chance!


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