Hello or should I say howdy in honor of my son saying this morning

in church that The Old Rugged Cross sounded like country music.

He kills me.

I feel like I have been missing in action lately on the blog front.

It is Sunday evening and dinner is in the oven.

Another Sabbath is coming to a close.

Tell me, have you made an aim or intention towards finding some time each week for rest?

I hope so.

I am discovering that each week looks different.

Each week has new demands and commitments.

God already knows this and yet He still says rest.

He says stop doing and just be.

That is hard for me.

In fact, I have found, I like to schedule my Sabbath.

A bit foolish, I know.

I am finding when I can just simply rest in being His child for this


I see new colors.

Just like that purple cabbage above, if I rush through life, all I see is a

big round circle  of  purple.

When I slow down…way down, I see the intricacies and textures and design

of this amazing source of nutrition.

I am at the end of week 1 of a 3-week detox.

Cutting to the nitty-gritty details means I am one week of being

coffee free.

Stripping away some of the fullness in my diet has helped me to slow down as well.

I am savoring my meals.

In fact, they taste wonderful.

Carl bought me a juicer for Christmas and this morning I made green lemonade for


Just a couple handfuls of spinach, a cucumber, half a lemon and 2 apples.

It tasted like liquid heaven.

I think keeping Sabbath is a bit like detoxing.

Until we remove the clang of the norm, we won’t hear the symphony in the simple.

This was my Sabbath this week:

Time with God.

Time in community (church).

Time with friends.

Time chatting with Carl.

Time giving (a quick impromptu batch of brownies to thank
some friends for giving us the gift of time by driving Caleb 
both ways to a party.)

Time to **ponder in the sunshine.

The day was emptied of expectations yet has left me

feeling full.

The clouds are beginning to close in around any remaining sun and

I could feel robbed because the day went so quickly.

I feel blessed that this was yet another day which the Lord made.

I am rejoicing all over it.

**I hope to post a couple of times this week.

I fear saying this because  once I do, you can hear crickets in this place.

I love mail and one of those post topics came to my doorstep.

Saturday I received two packages!

One was a small canvas of my sunflower on the sidebar.

I have wanted to make a canvas forever.

It is so easy.

It took perhaps 5 minutes.

Perhaps longer if you can’t decide which photo to use or what size to make.

This is my year of brave.

I have a little reminder of my life opening up to embrace what God

has for me.

Reminders are important.

After I opened the box and stopped giggling,

I saw they also included a great coupon for next time.

So keep your eyes open, they always have deals.

Check out Canvas People’s  Luck of the Irish special going on now.

Not a paid advertisement, as I get nada except the joy of someone

making a beautiful canvas.

If you do, let me know, so I can giggle with you 🙂

The second package was from Bo Stern.

She generously sent me a copy of her new book Beautiful Battlefields, (which

I wrote about here) to give to one of you.

Look for a giveaway this week!

Thank you Bo!

Monday is in the morning.

Did you know that?

Didn’t  you miss me giving you all this valuable and obvious information?

This week:

Love well.

Love fervently.

Love without reservations

or with the expectation of


Love when its fun and 

especially when it is not.

Love because you are loved.

It’s not always simple but

simply love.

***I think I can hear The Electric Company

singing “T-I-O-N…shun shun shun shun”.

Anyone else?

One thought on “hello

  1. Everytime I make brownies now, I think of you. 🙂 Glad you got to enjoy some time at home this afternoon and didn’t have to make a trek south…Thanks for the encouragement today! 🙂


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