blue skies, almost and yes

blue skies, almost and yes


**round two of this post…I somehow erased the whole thing last night…ugh!

Yesterday the skies were painted in hues of blue.

I have no idea what the sky will reveal today but as for the end of week,

it was brilliant.

Earlier in the week, my physical therapist declared me almost normal.

Actually not me, but my neck range of motion 🙂

It was enough reason to celebrate and we both pumped our fists in the air.

Pain had brought me to physical therapy, pain was a very necessary part of the treatment

leading to pain relief and increased mobility.

My P.T. promised me that he could make me better.

I was a skeptic. The pain and limitation had become part of me for years.

I will have to continue the work on my own to guarantee these results are not


How very different with Jesus.

I am reminded of this verse:

The yes to all of God’s promises is in Christ,

and through Christ we say yes to the glory of God.

II Corinthians 1: 20 (NCV)

In Jesus there is no almost.

Jesus said yes to coming into our world.

He said yes to the Father’s will.

He said yes to allowing the full expanse of sin to

be heaped on his shoulders.

He said yes to pain and separation.

His pain grants  a new mobility of heart and spirit.

There is nothing to add or do to insure the results of His sacrifice.

He died once, for all.

It’s finished.

It’s complete.

Jesus the Savior of the divine yes has fulfilled every promise of God.

To Him be all glory, honor and praise.

I love the Lenten season.

It is an opportunity to slow down and rest our minds and hearts upon

the Savior.

It can be thrilling and sobering.

I love how Kimberlee Conway Ireton expresses this time of Lent:

---we all need---to live in this space, this dark place between the ashes
 and the bread and wine, between the declaration of our mortality and
 the declaration of Christ's redeeming work on our behalf.
 That is what Lent is, a time to reckon with the reality of darkness and death.
 We do so with hope, because this season of darkness ends in Easter, in resurrection,
 in new life.
 But we can be raised to new life only if we have first died to the old one.
 That is the challenge---and the gift---of Lent.
~~from The Circle of Seasons

May you pause to reflect on Jesus and all the many yeses we behold in Him.

May you also slow to a crawl as you approach the Sabbath.

Need a free Lent guide?

Check out these links:

Holey, Holy, Wholly-Kris is offering a free pdf copy of her book when you sign up for her newsletter
read it on you computer or download it to you e-reader. I am reading this one very slowly and

Bible Gateway has several newsletters to choose from to lead you through Lent.

The High Calling’s 2013 Lenten Devotional is called Knowing Jesus Better. They are also offering
a free pdf copy. A scripture each day and a piece of great writing.

YouVersion offers 4 devotional reading plans.

You may not enjoy reading plans, why not spend these 40 something days reading the Gospels?
Linger over the parables and the teachings of Jesus.
Crawl into the story line and find new perspective.
Underline the promises of Jesus.
Spend time in prayer.

Pray for an increased hunger for Christ.

Remember that whether you observe Lent or not,

whether you take up a spiritual practice or not,

there is not one big or small thing you can do to change

the eternal reality that Jesus loved you,

He died for you,

He wants to inhabit your days and

loose every tight and bound up place in

your life.

Revel in Jesus, He obliterates  the almost with yes,

when skies are blue and especially when

saturated by grey.

Have a blessed weekend friends!

One thought on “blue skies, almost and yes

  1. Continue to contend for God’s full and complete healing in your body, Helen, He is faithful and wants you to have all of His goodness for you. I love His YES in my life and will continue to follow where He is leading. Thank you for your encouraging words!


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