reading material

reading material


I haven’t written a post about what I am reading in quite a while.

Do you remember my pause from reading  the last portion of 2012?

Well, it was a wonderful hard time.

It felt wonderful to be fixed in one direction…reading the Word.

Hard in that, I love reading books.

It’s was like fasting from sugar.

Everywhere I roamed, it suddenly felt like there were sweet landmines everywhere.

It seemed like every blog post I read was about favorite books.

I just grabbed paper and pen and compiled a list of all those gorgeous books.

During that time, in the midst of seeing flashes of light, I discovered my need for glasses.

My new glasses are pictured above.

My world had been thin light grey type and now it is suddenly black boldface print.

It has been a revelation!

Cue the choir of angels singing Hallelujah!

But is it just me or do other glasses wearers have to clean their lenses every two minutes?

It’s been an adjustment but seeing is worth it.

It definitely makes reading more enjoyable!

The new year has found me with better sight and eating a lot better.

Thus the beautiful colors of fruit next to my book stack!

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

This is the first book in the Flavia de Luce mysteries.
I found it for pennies at the Goodwill, which I am finding to be a goldmine lately.
I am beginning to adore eleven-year-old Flavia, a miniature detective with a penchant
for concocting poison.

Praying the Names of God Journal

I started this using this journal at the end of last year.
It’s a great part of my morning routine.

The One Year Bible-New Living Translation

I haven’t used a One Year Bible in a long time.
I tend to pick a reading plan and go from there.
For some reason, I wanted to keep life very simple,
without a lot of page turning.
I am enjoying reading from the New Living Translation
after last year reading The Message.

The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year

Did you know Lent begins the next week?
I want to be more connected to the church calendar.
I grew up in a church where the weekly bulletin pointed me
to where in the church year we resided.
I have just started this book and am excited to be more aware
and reflective.
How fun that I ordered this book from a seller only to receive
it in the mail from the author with a sweet note including her
contact information. I love that! She’s from Seattle.

Not picture above because it resides on my nook is this book

Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement

For a limited time Kris is giving free pdf copies away for your
computer or e-reader when you subscribe to her newsletter.
Click here (hurry)

Otherwise go here.

Leaving Church

Barbara Brown Taylor’s book An Altar in the World
was one of my favorite books I read in 2012. I am slowly
working my way through this memoir. Slowly because
I am sure I won’t want to get to the last page.

Prayer: Finding the Hearts True Home

I read this classic by Richard Foster when it was released in
{in}courage’s book club Bloom is beginning  to read it starting
next week.
There are usually blog posts and videos throughout the week.

Find out more here.
The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making

This is a fun book to flip through and be reminded of all the yummy goodness
that can happen in your own kitchen instead of grabbing it off a shelf illuminated
by fluorescent lights.

What are you reading during the month of February?

Speaking of February, I will post a new desktop for your computer once
it’s up on the site!

Have a blessed Monday!

2 thoughts on “reading material

  1. I love your book posts, I get so many good ideas for my reading list. I am currently reading John Eldredge’s book Walking with God. It is speaking to my heart as I also am learning to hear the voice of the Lord in my life. Very good read.


  2. Never enough time to read all the books I want but I am sure trying!
    I actually listened to Walking With God on CD’s from the library.
    I just remember it being so rich and soothing as I made dinner in the evenings.
    That is a lovely thought I hadn’t thought about in a long time.
    I am glad you are enjoying it…underlining a lot?!


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