low tide

low tide

The fog is lifting...we have arrived.
The fog is lifting…we have arrived.

Carl and I left Portland to head to the coast with no expectations.

We simply wanted time.

We weren’t worry if it rained the entire time, otherwise we

would have driven way south.

As we left the drizzle of Portland, we drove through fog, rain,

snow on the side of the road and blue skies.

Yet as we  closed in on Cannon Beach, we looked at each other and thought

perhaps we might be surprised by the skies.

The photo above is from our room, a bit blurry because there still was a bit of fog,

but truth be told, I was hurrying so we could walk on the beach.

It’s January so the beach was not jammed with people.

There wasn’t a kites or castles in sight.

People were strolling and taking pictures.

Okay, there were a few joggers, I forgive them.

The longer we walked, the deafening waves of our life, 85 miles away, changed

to the serenity of  low tide.

We found ourselves here:

low tide at Haystack Rock
low tide at Haystack Rock

We pretended we were 25 as we jumped upon slippery rocks in search of tide pools.

I believe our appointed angels were working overtime, keeping us upright and unscathed.

When life comes against you in torrents and riptides, it is easy to become battered and bruised.

Deadlines and hardship begin to  become your daily expectation.

Sabbath is found at low tide.

It’s like the Father pushes back the pressure and weight of the week

and brings refreshment and revival in little pools of clear standing waters.

Hear this my friends, He is holding back the weight of your days to give you rest

and relief.

It’s the respite that only He can provide.

Skip across the nearest rocks to get there!

You may find treasures unexpected.

Beauty tucked in the midst of hard spaces
Beauty tucked in the midst of hard spaces
How brilliant is God...
How brilliant is God…
A starfish clinging to the rock.
A starfish clinging to the rock.

When the storms of life ensue, there is no safer place then pressing

the full expanse of your body upon the Rock.

At one point, a man left his family, approached us and said,

“You gotta see this!”

He told us  the best view to see dozens of starfish.

His eyes widened as he told Carl that there was a starfish almost as purple as

his Linfield sweatshirt.

We took his advice despite the treacherous terrain.




When wonder is captured in our midst, it begs to be shared.

Most weeks, won’t find you taking a jaunt down a sandy beach, let me

share what has helped me on days that don’t include an ocean.

I am not perfect in Sabbath keeping.

I am pursuing it harder than ever though.


There is no rule that a Sabbath must occur

on a Sunday or from sundown to sundown.

Observe the rhythm of your family and find

the time which works best.

You can always change your mind.

If our life lined up, I would pick the traditional

Jewish practice, Friday evening to Saturday evening.

But we have chosen Sunday and it works most of the time.


The goal is not perfection.

The goal is to begin.

Start with a morning or an afternoon.

Get your feet wet by keeping the time frame manageable

to allow for the greater likelihood of “success”.

For a few years, I devoted the first few hours of Saturday 

morning as my own personal Sabbath. I have the fondest

thoughts of those sacred hours of being renewed.



Whatever tasks you can do ahead of time,

do them.

Do an extra load of laundry.

Menu plan and grocery shop.

Dust off that crock pot.

Pay bills and return emails.

Get the word out that you won’t be online during your

chosen day.

I plan easy meals for the weekend and usually something for the 

crock pot for Sunday.

I don’t like shopping on the weekend as it is so busy and makes me

cranky. I try  to shop early Friday for meals through Monday.

There is just something that makes me really happy to know what 

is planned for Monday even if I still grocery shop on Monday.

One of my biggest “give up’s” has been making Sunday brunch after

church. Heavy sigh, we like breakfast in this family.

Over time I have found that I spent the whole day in the kitchen after church.

Now we do very simple lunch and either leftovers or something in the crock pot for dinner.

Huge dividends by this small change.

If baking and cooking refuels and gives you joy , by all means

enjoy it.


Ask God for help as you reach the homestretch towards your Sabbath time.

Remember that you have one who will oppose any movement

to developing a new discipline and especially anything designed

to draw you towards your Maker. He’d rather keep you  busy.

Embrace every small step you make each week especially when your time

of rest doesn’t go as you hope.



We are all different.

Two hours of reading makes me happy, to someone

else it might be excruciating.

Rest for you might be having friends over for dinner.

For someone else, it might be sharing a pizza on the floor around a puzzle.

Play board games.


Unplug electronic devices.

Take a nap.

Read the Psalms.


Go for a walk.

Enjoy nature.

Visit a museum.



Throw a Frisbee.



I know you are out there!

Those of you who have moved from knee-high level life

to it nipping at your chin.

Sabbath is not one more thing to juggle.

It also is not designed to make you feel guilty.

My gentle suggestion is to take a deep breath.

Find even a half hour to light a candle and

just sit and be.

Cease for 30 minutes with no agenda, no to-do lists and

no need for productivity.

Replace expectations with time.

Remember God knows your life.

He will meet you in the midst of busting at the seams days

even if  He has to dispense it  in snippets.

Don’t forget to breathe.

I am praying for you as you pursue the Sabbath.

The week may contain all sorts of weather but I promise if

you keep walking, you will find the low tide.

You might capture the  wonder of peace that beckons you to share

with others,

You gotta see this!

6 thoughts on “low tide

  1. Welcome Judy!
    I am blessed that you stopped by and even more by your precious comments. Thank you ever so much.
    So glad that Shelly has assembled this sisterhood…a timely rich gift.


  2. This may just be the most helpful thing I’ve ever read about keeping the Sabbath – practical enough to provide hope and beautiful enough to create longing – thank you.

    (My first visit – linked from Shelly Miller)


  3. Oh AMEN! I began this journey Surrendering to Sabbath only expecting to try, and cannot begin to articulate the reward my mustard seed effort has returned. This was beautiful, so encouraging, so approachable. Thank you. This is impetus to try.
    God bless your sabbath and your encourager’s heart.
    Peace and good, sister, peace and good to you.


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