ahh yes, the obligatory photo of one's shoes :)
ah yes, the obligatory photo of one’s shoes 🙂

I realized a few days ago, that Courtney is the same age

as I was when I spent a semester overseas.

I attended the University of Copenhagen during the second semester

of my sophomore year.

It is hard to believe that at 19, I traipsed around Scandinavia and Europe.

As I have said, many of times, I have God alone to thank  for protecting me when I made

foolish unsafe and unwise decisions.

I had the option of living in a dorm or with a Danish family.

I chose a family stay and it was the best decision ever.

How I love the Nielsen family who took me under their wings especially

when I was homesick.

They were kind with my attempts to speak Danish and considered

me their third daughter.

One weekly scene I remember was Saturday morning.

A wise Dane doesn’t sleep in on Saturdays.

All necessary shopping needed to be accomplished by noon.

Storefronts locked their doors not to reopen until Monday morning.

I learned early that if I lounged in bed too long, I would arise to

find my family gone to the bakery or fish vendor without me.

Preparations needed to be made to insure  meals for the weekend and the

enjoyment of  goodies on Saturday sweets night.

Today in America, it’s not the norm to take a break.

There is so much to be done, who has time to slow down?

Stores have flashing lights beckoning with the message of 24/7.

New York proudly calls itself the city that never sleeps.

Somehow being busy has become a badge of worth.

God knew us from the beginning.

Just as he told us to work, He also knew that we could easily

work to the exclusion of rest.

He displayed the most amazing  work in creating  nothing into

a big something called the world, and He needed to rest.

He stopped.

He created and paused at the end of each day,

gazed at what  He had  accomplished and considered it good.

May we ever live to reflect on our days and give thanks.

Work and rest, one out weighing the other 6 to 1.

He commands and embodies both.

“The Jewish understanding of sabbath embraced a special twenty-four hour rest time
that was different from every other day.
Other days of the week were given over to work, but the sabbath reminded people that 
they were finite. 
They could not constantly be on the go.
There were limits to their energy.
And to honor these limitations was to honor the infinite God, who himself worked and rested.”

Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

Telephone rings, computers are rarely shut down and ear buds dot the landscape of days pouring into weeks.

It will take effort and preparation to pursue rest.

Might I suggest a few thoughts to ponder?


  • How do your weeks look and feel?
  • Which parts drain?
  • Which parts give life and rest?
  • How do you feel on Friday?
  • How do you feel on Monday?
  • Think about what brings rest to YOU.
  • Write lists, journal, dream a bit.

Once you have taken inventory of your week, move to


Talk to God.
Share with Him your reflections.
Ask Him to help you seek Sabbath rest if you desire it.
If you don’t desire rest, ask Him why it feels like a foreign language.
Let Him take you under his wing and show you how homesick
you are for time with Him.


Talk with the people who share your home and see if they
feel the way you do.
Talk to  people who you know observe the Sabbath and learn
from their experiences.
Bring up the topic to friends. You might be surprised to find
they are feeling the same nudges.


Put your vision before your eyes.
Hang up the list you wrote during your reflection time.
Wanna eat more fruit? Place a bowl of it where you pass regularly.
Chances are, you will grab a piece or two.
Place your hopes front and center…then reach.


I am working hard on improving my health this year.
A friend asked if I wanted accountability.
I wanted to say,
“No, I’m good.”
But I chose to be brave and say yes.
Yes to letting her log on to my daily eating and moving and see
how my day has fared.
The key was choosing the right person who cares for me, is on the path
as well and won’t shake her finger at me.
In regards to Sabbath keeping, I joined a group of 50+ women who
are embarking on Surrendering to  Sabbath, a sisterhood if you will.
Each week, we get an email of encouragement even retellings of epic failures.
It helps to know I am not alone in this pursuit.
Click the link, Shelly’s first post is enough to make you rethink Sabbath.
Shoot her an email if you want to join in.  There’s nothing required but
wanting to try.  It’s another way to keep the pursuit in your line of sight.

Please know that God is waiting to partner with you.
He wants to walk the path of work with you and He wants
to be with you while you rest.
His invitation to find rest comes with outstretched arms and no
finger shaking.

Next time, let’s talk about how to make it work!

One thought on “decisions

  1. You are so right, Helen. We connect success with busyness as Americans, and can find ourselves running but never really accomplishing. Looking busy seems to be the goal, not really moving forward. Rest propels us. Sabbath is holy and has to be intentional. I am not there yet. Looking forward to reading and following your journey with it.


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