I have  neck issues.

This small section of my spine holds a trifecta of  reasons for its discomfort.

One is the  sand rising in the hourglass of aging (heavy sigh).

Tension  uses my shoulders and neck as a landing pad.

And lastly, years of bearing the weight of patients has taken its toll.

Now me, the physical therapist is under the care of a physical therapist.

Last week, there was all manner of  poking, prodding and measuring.

There were exercises to do at home.

I was also adjusted.

Physical therapy is often an up close and personal affair.

I recall  during  physical therapy school, our instructors

insisting  we experience what it is like to be a patient.

It’s necessary to exude  empathy rather than indifference to be an effective therapist.

When we were taught  massage techniques, our classmates were our “patients”

and were  disrobed like our future patients would be.

It was uncomfortable and sheets are thin!

Yet I never forgot to view each patient as if I were the one

lying in a bed feeling exposed and awkward.

There I laid on the exam table with arms crossed to hug my chest.

Then Adam ( who I have known for 30 minutes), places a knee on the table and  wraps his arms around me,

gives a good squeeze once, twice until the third time when we both feel a pop from my back.

Both of us exhale a sigh of relief.

It feels great.

It feels necessary.

It feel right.

Alignment restored.

Each of us bears the weight of  days.

24 hours can be lined with worry and anxiety.

Our hearts may feel bruised and wounded.

With each passing day, we are exposed to all sorts of new evils.

We desperately need to be adjusted.

I have found  Sabbath keeping to be  a necessary adjustment.

I like to think of it  as laying  before my Maker, stripping down to

my core.

There is no sheet between us as the veil has been torn.

I stay in the same position long enough to feel His embrace.

I tend to hold most of my anxieties close to my chest but if I cease striving,

if I remember He has known me always,

He hovers and wraps Himself tightly around body and soul.

The Father smooths the tight areas and soothes the muscles of  His chosen vessel, me!

Some areas I know and others He reveals.

He won’t leave until the rhythm of my breathing matches His,

alignment achieved.

A deep exhalation of relief from Creator and created one.

Once I get up, everything seems clearer yet urgent.

His Word.

My prayers.

His people.

This week, think of a time when you can spend some Sabbath rest.

It could be a morning, an afternoon or a day.

Don’t make it hard.

Sabbath is not about trying hard, it’s about stopping all our try hard efforts.

Prepare and set yourself apart.

Lay yourself before Him and feel His embrace

and don’t leave until you feel a pop.

It will feel great.

It will feel necessary.

It will feel right.

Give Him your misaligned parts and

let Him make you whole.


I appeal to you therefore, brethren,
 and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God,
to make a decisive dedication of your bodies
[presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice,
holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God,
which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.

Romans 12: 1 (MSG)



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