A couple of months ago I wore a scarf to church.

Not a big deal, I know.

However, I tend to look around.

I gaze at a sea of  scarf-laden people.

People who look like they can toss  a scarf in the air, it lands

and results in  a casual yet put together appearance.

I feel I lack this skill.

But that morning as I looked at my drawer crammed  full of scarves, I decided

to pretend.

I fussed with my scarf a couple of times, looked in the mirror one last time,

put my coat on quickly and ran to the car before I could change my mind.

I walked through the doors with an attitude of “this is I how I roll  wear my scarf!”

I walked towards  two women as I was ready to enter the sanctuary.

Both women almost in unison declared,

“Oh, I like your scarf!”

I said thank you amid a slight laugh, explained

to these two cheerleaders my decision

to act as if I had enough flare to pull off a scarf.

To my surprise, they nodded in agreement and  expressed

my plight was shared, an instant support group formed in our midst.

We laughed some more and then we each went on our way to find a seat.

The next Sunday, I don’t recall if  I wore a scarf or not but as my eyes happened

to roam around the sanctuary, I saw both women from the previous Sunday looking lovely

and each wearing a scarf.

Envision my grin.

This little tale may seem silly.

What’s all the fuss about a yard or two of fabric?

What I wonder is what is crammed in our drawers?

What part of our lives are we hiding because we fear we

cannot do it well enough?

Or  think someone does it better?

Be brave.

Wear a scarf.

Wear a bright color.

Show someone your art.

Sing a song beyond the four doors of your car.

Oh and those photos residing on your memory cards,print them and
create a gallery on your walls.

Join a writing group.

Deliver your “can’t stop at one” cookies to your local firefighters.
I would imagine most firefighters are living the dream they had
as a child. Say thank you for their example.

Share a dream with a safe and trusted friend.

When you are brave,

it gives others the permission to do likewise.

May you open your drawers this week,

wrap yourself in a scarf of bravery and feel the

tails flap in the breeze of promise.

5 thoughts on “drawers

  1. I think hats may fall into this category for me. What insecurities I have over hats or clothes that might “stand out.” I did get comfortable with scarves though. Think it all kicked in when I realized it was a good trick to the eye for my weight issues, LOL. We need more scarves of bravery! Enjoyed this, Helen.


  2. Annette, I came so close to writing “wear a hat”! That’s a big one for me as well…hat hair,
    I have a lot of hair so I need a big hat and the list goes on!
    Bless you!


  3. Good morning. It is very snowy here this morning. It must mean that the students are returning from break and this is the first day of classes. Hurray for scarves. I am seldom without one these days. Love your story and love the chest of drawers. Pretty piece. I hope that you are feeling better. Did you get to Kaiser?

    Love Mor


  4. Hi Mor, you know we all wish for some snow here. It is actually a bit warm but the rain is coming soon. I wish that was my chest of drawers and all the empty space around it as well…ha ha! I am feeling so much better. You never realize how yucky you felt until you feel better! My Kaiser doc never got back in touch with me…final nail! 😉


  5. Oh I loved this post! Yep, I have a secret love of hats. I finally wore one while running errands in that horrible weather before Christmas and I couldn’t believe all the positive comments I received. Your point will be well remembered. Thanks for the encouragement!


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