oh my word

oh my word

I sat at my table on January 1st, staring at a small notebook

and twirled a  pen between my fingers.

Instead of jotting down all the pursuits I didn’t start or achieve.

I decided to write out  a couple of bullet points.

Let’s call them bullet points of risk.

To my surprise there were more than a couple.

Not one had graced a list from  last year.

Yet they happened.

Many during the last few months of 2012.

It felt like a clarion cry.

Writing and photography have become a point of intersection.

A photo is taken and words follow.

Words take shape and a photograph develops.

I took two pictures in 2012 which to me breath necessary air into

my word for 2013.

My word is brave.

brave 2013

I think I get bravery points for picking that word, huh?

Let me explain.

This was the very first flower in my sunflower garden to begin to open with promise.

After preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, watering, feeding, and some mighty shining sun,

evidence emerged.

Some of the risks taken this past year have come from not keeping myself snug and wrapped tightly.

As lovely as I find this sunflower, I know that full beauty is when each petal is outstretched revealing its center.

Bravery is:

  • being vulnerable
  •  saying “yes” other times saying “no”
  • wading knee-deep in a place out of your comfort zone
  • asking for help
  • showing weakness
  • smiling at strangers
  • offering words of encouragement when you need it more
  • being willing to see your flaws
  • admitting when you are wrong
  • trusting when it feels improbable because you know Who holds the probable and improbable in His hands.
  • waiting
  • saying “not my will but Yours” as often as it is needed
  • a litany of things you do every day

DSCN0243 (2)

  • with arm stretched wide, the open road beckons with you as passenger.
    A map or a GPS is not required.
    Simply keeping company with your Maker.
    Wherever He leads,

This photo was taken on a trip back from the Oregon Coast.

A day when I sought the sanctuary of His creation but instead

was given  a congregation of His creatures.

I received hugs from others rather than holding my heart firmly tucked behind

my own folded arms.

Have you been brave lately?

What is your word for the year ahead?

The Lord God is my Strength,
my personal bravery, 
and my invincible army;
He makes my feet like hinds’ feet
and will make me to walk
[not to stand still in terror, but to walk]
 and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places
[of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

Hab. 3:19 (AMP)

6 thoughts on “oh my word

  1. For years I had this version of Hab. 3:19 written on my wall. It is amazing. I love your choice of the word Brave, and the desire to embrace it, to obey it, and to emulate it. I will be cheering you on sweet friend!


  2. Bloom. Instead of trying to fix or revive a few dead things, situations, I feel the call to move on and bloom. Like your brave sunflower!


  3. Randi,
    You most certainly can have two!
    One year, I had four…that was a bit much!
    I love your words…I think they fit together just right.
    May this be a year that brims with hope and allows your trust in Him to soar!
    Thanks for being such a faithful reader!


  4. Grace,
    I love the word bloom.
    I especially love how you wrote about not trying to fix or revive dead things…such truth here!
    May you be a brave sunflower as you bloom and stretch forth to what God has for you this year!
    Can’t wait to follow your journey on your blog!


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