Just outside our door yesterday...
Just outside our door yesterday…


you never cease to surprise or amaze me.

Whether through a keyhole,  porch or in the great expanse of this


the whole earth is  aglow with your glory and wonder.


I thought I would share what I am enjoying this Advent season.

I must admit that most years, I buy in December  for the next year because

I rarely get my act together to be prepared in November.

So tuck these thoughts away…

  • I am loving listening to this in the morning or the evening,

whatever works (Thanks Tonia for the suggestion)

Praying this is finally the year, I can attend the Messiah  sing-along. If you live in Portland,

Friday December 21st in the evening, is my plan. Let me know, if you would like to join me.

just last week.

I love that there is a daily reading and a couple reflective questions.

It definitely helps me to slow down. Many words do not always make for a great devotional.

This one has few words but very meditative.

I waited years to purchase this as it is an investment,

but it’s worth it. I was secretly delighted when our oldest “demanded” a turn doing

the reading. Great for ALL ages.

I have mine on my nook. A beautiful retelling of Luke 1-2 using The Message as the text.

12 readings designed to bring back that awe and wonder of Christ’s birth.

  • YouVersion has many free Advent devotionals from 3 days to a month.

I love this season of Advent but I will confess, the simpler the better.

Alas,I don’t always remember to light a candle each night but it’s alright.

I don’t think this time of year needs anything that makes one feel burdened.

Definitely not the message of Christ…we bring our burdens to Him,

we don’t weigh ourselves down with burdens to find Him.


Writer’s block is just a symptom of feeling like you have nothing to say,

combined with the rather weird idea that you should feel the need to say something.


If you have something to say, then say it.

If not, enjoy the silence while it lasts.

The noise will return soon enough.

~~~Hugh MacLeod

I read this quote yesterday.

It resonated deeply with me.

I am not sure I have writer’s block  in approaching the

blank page or screen but rather

I am going to enjoy the silence for a while.

I will write when I do have something to say or

in better words, God prompts me to grab a pen or click the keyboard.

Who knows, it could be tomorrow or sometime in 2013.

So for now…enjoy this blessed time leading to the precious

celebration of the Savior’s arrival.

May you be surprised and amazed by the God of wonders.

May you raise your gaze just high enough to see the sky  

He’s painted just for you,

each stroke soaked with the  rich deep colors of His love.




One thought on “wonder

  1. Helen, I pray you enjoy the beautiful silence with the Father. Thanks for sharing all your lovely words with us on your blog. You are loved and appreciated!


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