join me…write love letters.

join me…write love letters.

Hello December 2nd!

Today is Carl’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Carl!

I will post a December desktop as soon as it up on the {in}courage site.

Speaking of those beautiful desktops images,

Dawn Camp  is the photographer and creator of each month’s computer decor.

She wrote a lovely post early in November.

You can read it here!

She shared about an amazing site called more love letters.

You can read all about this beautiful movement on the site.

Simply put, who doesn’t need a love letter?

Even from someone you have never met.

Tomorrow begins the current push for the holidays to write love

letters to people who need encouragement.

Here’s the scoop:

1) YOU sign up here.

2) MORE LOVE LETTERS email YOU for every single day from December 3-14th with a letter request of someone who needs your encouragement this holiday season.

3) YOU get ONE WEEK to drop a love letter in the mailbox for the day’s recipient.

4) MORE LOVE LETTERS bundle up all the love letters and mail them off to the unsuspecting recipients just in time for the new year!

What a great way to spread some love and cheer!

If this season feels too tightly compressed, consider signing up on the website

at a later date and they will send you requests from time to time.

12 letters seem way too much for you to scribe?

Leave me a comment or message me and I will share a name or two from my list!

Spread some holiday cheer…I know my heart swoons whenever I see a real

stamp tucked within the junk mail and bills!

Happy Writing Friends!

One thought on “join me…write love letters.

  1. Writing love letters is so fun and rewarding! Thank you for the reminder Helen as I have my own list of those who need some loving. God Bless you…you are a loving girlfriend.


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