day twenty-nine: little choices

day twenty-nine: little choices

I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of little choices.

Each day we have the opportunity to bring something into the world

where we move and breath.

What will it be?

Will it be a smile or frown?

Will I choose to breathe out hot air instead of releasing heated

words which sting a target?

Can I give up the need to be right?

Am I able to listen deeply and intently rather than

only waiting  for my chance to be heard?

Last night, I drove dark and wet roads home from depositing

Courtney to her dorm.

I put in this  CD  for the ride home.

Don’t you love the open road and the invitation to sing at the top

of your voice?

It’s even better when it is dark outside ;).

I sang and enjoyed myself.

Then I reached the last track.

I believe the last track of an album gets ripped off.

Often there is not time to even get to the last song.

Quite possibly, the song may even be ignored because

the favorite tracks have already played.

I am one of those people who reads the last page of magazines first.

I judge magazines by their last page.

It’s shouldn’t be a wasted page.

There should be an effort in last pages.

Mini rant over!

These  lines  summed up what I have been pondering as of late:

When all the love in the world

Is right here among us

And hatred too

And so we must choose

What our hands will do
There is always the struggle.

I am praying for you and myself that we can

choose words and actions that would heal and not hurt.

Here’s the video of the very last track:


I listened to this track three times.

Just so it wouldn’t feel neglected.

Little choices.

May we all make  choices this week that are permeated with love even

when hatred is sitting right there in the midst sticking its tongue out

at us.

Love right back at it.

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