day twenty-three: everything book launch

day twenty-three: everything book launch

This past summer,  I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Mary DeMuth’s newest book,

Everything: What you give and what you gain to become like Jesus

Before I venture into telling you about this book, I want to provide a little insight into the last few months.

I received an email from Mary telling me that I would be numbered with 100 other bloggers as part of her book launch team.

I was surprised, excited and honored.

The team gathered over Facebook and shared our excitement.

Either we knew Mary personally, professionally or had read her words in the past via blog posts, books or even mentoring.

The common denominators were that we all had mutual affection for Mary, her calling and wanting to help get the word

out about Everything.

Our aim was to help promote the book but I think we all gained more of Jesus as we shared, encouraged and prayed for one another.

This climate was established and encouraged by Mary.

I mention this because I feel it speaks volumes about Mary.

Jesus and others are her priority.

The book shows her heartfelt attempt to help people discover the places where Jesus is not everything.

Her heart cry is to get the message of Everything to those who need it.

One of the first projects involved launch team members and others sharing their own videos related to the question:

When Did Jesus Become Your Everything?

Take a look at the book trailer:

Have you ever heard the joke about the kids sitting in their Sunday School class

and their teacher asks them the question,

“What’s brownish gray, has a furry tail, eats nuts and jumps from tree to tree?”

The children look at each other and no one raises a hand.

Then after a moment, one child slowly raises his hand and says,

“Um, I don’t know.


It’s easy to give the Sunday school answer.

What we think is the right answer even if it doesn’t fit the question.

As I watched the trailer, I must say that I commended the honesty of


He knew what he should say but yet he knew that in all honesty he wasn’t

quite there…yet.

I find myself in Wes’ assessment and I found myself in the pages of Mary’s book.

The number one reason I suggest reading this book is that it is not a formula,

it isn’t a how-to manual and although Mary shares with transparency her life

story and struggles, it isn’t about her own philosophies.

It is a book that is crammed full of scripture because the Word is everything

and if you want Jesus to be your everything, you must know His words.

I also like that Mary unpacked some common verses that are often taken out

of context.

A dangerous way that we often try to control His word to fit our own needs.

I liked  Mary’s arrangement of the book into 3 sections, a progression from

head to heart to hands. We have to examine what we think about God, who we are in God

and then how we can begin to  live as fully God’s.

I decided rather  than  listing quote after quote from the entire  book, I would focus on one chapter that

spoke deeply to me and I imagine will resonate with you also.

The subject is worry.

Worry has plagued me.

This summer after reading this book, I heard myself


“I am done with worrying.

Let the enemy worry about what God already has under His control.”

That’s my quote…here are some from Everything.

  • Worry is a weighty monster with poisoned tentacles.
  • It clutches at us, grabs at our minds, steals our breath,
    our will. It lurks. It pounces. It colors how we perceive the world.
    But God whispers peace in the midst.
  • Worry involves both omission and commission. 
    Omission because we forget God’s faithfulness.
    Commission because we have actively believed our abilities supersede His.
  • Worry is needless.
    It doesn’t enhance our lives, give us joy, or produce a longing for renewal.
    It simply looks at the existing stress, lurking in our lives, enlarges it to monster proportions,
    then immobilizes us from growth.
  • Whenever you are tempted to give in to its prowess, remember Jesus,
    how He walked this earth.
    He never rushed, didn’t fluster.
    He certainly didn’t let other’s opinions of Him prevent Him from performing His mission.

If you prone to worry about something or someone, perhaps you might want to repeat these words:

I know that Mary has been tested in the area of worry recently.
Last week Mary returned home from a mission trip to Haiti, only to find that her daughter Julia
had been taken to the ER after appearing lethargic and delirious.
Julia was hospitalized for several days with countless tests and no diagnosis.
She was released to return home but still continues to have symptoms which still
have not revealed a cause.
All of this coincided with the book’s release.
We on the launch team have had an online front row seat to witness,
that this book although important to Mary, Jesus is her everything especially
in the midst of unknowns and illness.

Please pray for this dear family.

There are countless reasons to read Everything.
I know that I have been blessed immeasurable by
each page and it will be a book that I will return to
often in the future.

Everything is available at most of your favorite book stores and online

like here

and here.

You can read a sample chapter here.

You might want to add Mary’s blog to your required reading list.

This month of October has been all about paying attention.

Reading Everything has helped me to pay attention to areas I knew

were not yielded to Jesus and needed a gentle nudge to  tend.

It also opened my eyes to territory I had never ventured to tread.

I am excited to keep walking the journey.

Tell me…when did Jesus become your everything?

3 thoughts on “day twenty-three: everything book launch

  1. Helen, awesome review and I loved what Wes said on the video too! It was great to be on Everything launch with you. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review. I would love to read this book. It sounds like it will challenge me in deep and important ways. I will pray for her and her family.


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