day seven-what are you rehearsing?

day seven-what are you rehearsing?

surprise flowers from a friend picking up her newly official “spy” son 🙂

Hello Sunday afternoon!

I am so glad to be sitting in the midst of your invitation to rest.

Carl and I have assumed the position, our feet propped on

matching ottomans, he with newspaper in hands and me letting

my fingertips meet lettered keys.

Slowly I am learning to pay attention to my responses and my reactions.

I have been aware but not always willing to examine.

Saturday began with soccer.

Steve and Monica,  faithful soccer lovers and friends came

to watch the game.

It was good to visit and hear their comments about  how the team had

progressed over the last couple years.

If they had not taken time on busy Saturdays to come and watch little

boys in cleats and shin guards, they wouldn’t notice change or growth.

There is a particular richness to sharing our highs and lows and continuing to stick to one another.

It is vital, like an inhale and exhale.

Yet despite beholding the  precious, my mind can split.

I carefully calculated that  once the game ended we

would have a few hours for lunch and prep for **Caleb’s spy party.

What I didn’t know was that Caleb would be asked to play in the second game with

the other half of his team.

We visited a bit more with Steve and Monica and they biked home.

My mind continued to percolate.

As I watched Caleb play goalie and dive and crash to the ground and jam his back into

the goal post, my mind thought,

“Great, today is the day that Caleb will break his arm!”

I read recently that it is much easier to rehearse calamity.

There in the midst of blue skies, sunshine, laughter and cheers,

I was deciding what could mar the scene.

I took a deep breath and decided to cheer instead.

The spy party was a hit.

8 and 9-year-old boys  by nature are a blast, we just

added a theme.

I promised Monica a few pictures of spy training day.

(Please note that due to the nature of this party,

the other trainees are not pictured for fear that

their identities might fall into the wrong hands.

Caleb is a master of disguise and has agreed to take

this risk for the sake of his spy mom’s blog.)

Caleb the Spy
Spy badges after a battery of training activities complete
with fingerprinting.
Root Beer Floats!
A Rice Krispies Spy Tower

My days begin with a list I desire to cross off

one by one,

item by item


task by task.





those items won’t be obliterated

by a line through their existence.

Perhaps those are the days to say a cheer

instead of speaking calamity into the air.

Those are the days to pay attention to whether your

spirit is whispering darkness or light.

Maybe on one of those days, when the fun is wrapping up

and your fuel tank is low,

someone might just bring you a bouquet.

Or maybe you  might choose to be the one to bring

flowers to one who is fading.

All because you paid attention.

**(special shout out to Spy Director Carl for being “all in” when
the spy mom decided against a bowling party.
You had those boys wrapped around your fingerprinted finger!
Couldn’t have done it without you!
Thank you!)

3 thoughts on “day seven-what are you rehearsing?

  1. So hard to stay in the present with God. But…sounds like you listened and God pulled you back into the moment. So great. For me, this is a continual lesson, as I so often want to make my “lists”…The party sounds like it was fab!


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