note to self: pay attention

note to self: pay attention

Today is October 6th.

How did I forget to post the October desktop?

Very thankful for the verse from Lamentations!

Today begins with a soccer game.

In the middle, Carl and I are throwing Caleb and his friends

a spy-in-training party.

Watching football will most likely end our day.

Then up and early to teach Sunday school and I will

be playing Sarah at one point…I may feel 90 years old

by the time the weekend wraps up.

But today is chilly but glorious looking.

I hope to write more next week.

I hope I hope I hope.

Click here for your October desktop from {in}courage.

Go to the calendar tab and choose from two sizes for your computer screen!


One thought on “note to self: pay attention

  1. Sounds like a full but fun weekend. I would love to see you playing Sarah 🙂 It is glorious weather and a reminder of the God who sees all in spite of a full weekend. miss you!


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