day two-listening for signs of rest or distress

day two-listening for signs of rest or distress

I try to pay attention to what people aren’t saying when they are talking.

Do you know what I mean?

I guess it could be described as reading between the lines.

So many of my casual conversations lately have had the shared sentiment of being

swept away by this new season.

I can understand completely because at least here in Portland, it feels like summer.

Which is ideal for soccer practices and the pumpkin patch but not so much fun for homework

and early bedtime.

Speaking of practice, last night a mom questioned whether she should go for a run or read her book.

Actually one of the books pictured above.

We talked about the book and she went for a run.

A run or reading?

Neither is the wrong choice.

I wonder if the wrong choice is all the should’s that can often comprise our days.

Some have consequences if we don’t obey them.

Root canals if we decide to give up flossing as one.

It is very easy to push aside activities which seem frivolous in favor of those

that give a sense of productivity.

I can tell when my life becomes too full.

All I have to do is look at our cascading catch-all basket or my side of the bed.

The books above from left to right represent spring, summer and fall.

I finished books during this time period but as you can tell, there are a lot of


Plus there is that sweet nook, my portable library.

For me, reading is necessary for my soul.

For you, it could be any number of “things” that help you slow down.

I don’t make resolutions.

I don’t make vows.

But I do like the word pursuits.

I want to make it my pursuit to pick up one of these books for just half an hour

each day.

Do I long for hours of uninterrupted reading?

You bet, but it is not going to happen now.

I am going to schedule it and make room for just enough.

It is not another should.

It is paying attention to how God made me.

He made me a book lover.

How has He made you?

What area has been lacking and needs a little attention?

See if you can hollow out some moments to savor what your soul craves.

Give your spirit a rest break from distress.

I think you will find it is actually the best kind of should.

P.S. Is that not the cutest little bird covered in newsprint?

A bird with word feathers…heavy sigh!

One thought on “day two-listening for signs of rest or distress

  1. This is a brilliant post. Life is full with packing and moving right now but I took an hour yesterday to just walk through a large farmer’s market and took in the sunshine and beauty of the vendor’s products and felt a bit more relaxed as I drove away. I even purchased a couple very large cookies for us to enjoy during the game last night. Thanks for the wise reminder….


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