day 1-marching orders

day 1-marching orders

photo taken in a speeding car…can you tell? 🙂

The pace of life can leave me breathless.

It can also leave me feeling unfocused.

September was a month of taking each day

as its own entity.

To look ahead was only an invitation to reach

for the antiperspirants.

Can you relate?

When days become frantic,

I find it is helpful to take a deep breath,

remember and pursue the tried and true way and

vision restores.

These words are my marching orders for

today and I would love to say everyday.

I will repeat them this very day and

let tomorrow stay where it resides, firmly in the future,

not my today.

Don't waver.

Stay on track,

steady in God.

Celebrate God all day,

every day,

I mean,


in him!

Philippians 4:1,4 (MSG)

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