advice (and more)

advice (and more)


I read an article today.

5 people were asked questions related to advice.

I thought I would post my answers.

Maybe you want to play along.

Either way, don’t miss the end of the post.

The best advice I’ve ever received:

Don’t start the pattern of quitting when life gets hard.
Quitting will follow you the rest of your life.

My college advisor, who was also a family friend, gave
me this piece of advice when I came to his office to discuss
dropping a class or two.
It was  first semester of my freshman year.
A time when many science majors change their minds.
I had a 1.7 GPA at the time and my only A was in my
math class.
Math and I had never been friendly, so go figure.
But chemistry and biology were killing me.

Something was definitely wrong with the world.

I listened to Dr. Bhatia’s words, I don’t remember if I had
much of a reply.

I do know that I left his office heated.

I also remember holding my grades at semester’s end
and seeing three-point six.

I am still tempted to quit to this day.
But those wise words remind me that hard work
and courage overcome quitting.
No matter the result.
The weirdest advice that actually worked:

Pray for love.
Then pray for more love.

It’s not that this advice was weird.
It just felt weird when it was given.

It actually wasn’t given to me.
It was given to Carl by his best man Darren,
just before we married.

When Carl told me, I remember thinking,
Darren doesn’t  know how much we loved
one another.

But I have recalled this piece of advice countless
times and I dare say Carl has probably used them
more than I have had occasion to put them into practice.
The advice I regret following (believing):

Don’t worry.
It can’t get any worse.

It can!
For us, it did.

Actually, the first two pieces of advice, fit here nicely.

Don’t quit when the worst happens.
Keep on loving when life feels unbearable.
Let yourself be loved by others.

I could write volumes describing the way people
loved us in the midst of our life quakes.
It is a tricky venture to reach into a hurting person’s life.
Sometimes it feels easier to keep a distance as if closeness
would prove the pain contagious.
I remember an exceptionally fragile time.
Our family was holding our breath hoping that the crisis
was passed and healing was on the horizon.
A friend beckoned me to go to a movie.
I wanted to hide.
I feared leaving the hurting one behind.
I was out of tears and out of words.
I don’t imagine, I was that fun to be around.
My friend just let me be.
I could talk or not.
We watched Walk The Line.
I wanted to go home at the closing credits probably
more truthfully during the previews.
She dragged me for crepes after the show was over.
I believe they tasted delicious.
My taste buds betrayed me.
Life tasted different.

The worst happened.
Family, friends and
the Friend that sticks closer than a brother,
walked me back into life after
the worst.
My best one-word piece of advice:

This is hard because I love words.
This is the word that I say the most
to myself and I find that I say or write or text
to others:


This word slows me down.

It reminds me to pause.

It helps me to not stress out.

There is that moment in prayer,

when my words cease and I find myself


I have placed my frame in sturdy capable hands.

This is the exception to the rule,

it’s okay to quit and let yourself be loved,

for better or worse.

What is your one-word piece of advice?

My dear Mom has generously given me one of our
favorite books to give away!
Thanks Mom!

It is full of great advice about paying attention
to your soul through the seasons.

I am thankful for advice that has guided me
through many seasons of life.

Leave me your one-word piece of advice or any advice

you would like to share and I will randomly select a winner

on  Tuesday morning!

6 thoughts on “advice (and more)

  1. Maybe it’s the preschool teacher in me that caused this word to be the first one I thought of. It came like a flash immediately after I read the question so I think I will go with it. SHARE. Share your possessions, love, feelings, thoughts, the work, the load, yourself.


  2. From your Dad to me; “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” The advice part is that I need to stop trying to fix things myself. God will take care of it if I just wait.


  3. Don’t forget to breathe is something we say at home, sometimes jokingly, but it is a great piece of advise for easing stress.


  4. well im late but my one word is Selah. Psalms are my favorite, Selah means to pause and listen or stop and think on that. Both two things I need at times. Pause and listen to the Holy Spirit or stop and think on what just happened!


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