Mary DeMuth wrote a post today regarding a helpful practice

she learned while listening to Bill Hybel speak at a conference.

He called it his six by six list.

He prays about what 6 tasks are important to him

over a 6 week time period.

Once he has determined his personal 6 and the time-frame,

he writes them on an index card.

He places the card where he can see it.

He accomplishes the tasks.

At least that is the hope.

If he doesn’t, he adds the undone items to his next


I feel a bit scattered with the beginning of the school year.

Here’s my 6×6:

1. Caleb will be 9 at the end of the month.
The last time his room was painted, he had not made his grand entrance.
The color  still works but it is time for a change.

2. Carl and I are both reading Knowing God again.
I am also reading this book.
A friend gave it to me a couple of years ago.
I have started it and stopped several times.
I have found when the language is a bit challenging, meaning
a lot of “therewith” and “hitherto”, it helps to read  aloud.
After a few paragraphs, my mind begins to absorb proper English
and henceforth my groove is found and I can resume silent reading.

3. I picked a modest amount of walking to achieve over the
next 6 weeks. Perhaps I will surpass it.

4. Oh my office, otherwise known as the Costco room or the
storage room or “the place where all manners of stuff seems
to find it way to” room. Most of the summer, it held much of the
contents of Courtney’s dorm room.
It’s time to unburden this catch-all room from too much stuff.

5. I am helping to lead certain weeks for the Bible study I attend this
year. I want to work ahead so I can hear from the Lord and not feel
rushed by a persistently ticking clock.

6. EVERYTHING pertains to the Everything book launch happening
in October.
(Click the link and see if you can find this wee blog listed.)
The Everything blog tour happens during the month of October.
I will write a post during the tour.
The book  is so rich in scripture, challenging and encouraging.
I am not quite sure when Mary gained access to my journal
but she has written about so many of my personal struggles.
I can’t wait for you all to get the chance to read it.
Until then, here’s a quote to whet your appetite.
It is from a chapter  about control.

Restoration blooms after deconstruction.
The problem is we're too busy building our flimsy playhouses
to realize that our building materials won't withstand even the
calmest storms.
Only God, the Master Carpenter, can tear down our foundations,
show them to be shaky,
create a new foundation on the rock and build a new stronger resilient life--
a mansion to His glory,
His capability, not ours.
from Everything by Mary DeMuth

Will you join me?

What would be on your 6×6?

Share if you dare!

Click the chicken to visit Mary’s blog and see other  6×6 lists!

2 thoughts on “6×6

  1. Hmm! lovey article . Ok I won’t be a chicken I’ll share here is 6×6

    1. Get my blog up and running on my Birthday 20 September.
    2. Join a Zumba Class( Latin inspired dance work out).
    3. Sew Curtains for my son’s room.
    4. Start a new Bible reading plan (& stick to it)
    5. Find time for a one day solitary retreat.
    6. Kids & I to take a trip to library one Saturday a month.

    Oh Sharon,
    I love your 6×6 list!

    A brand new baby blog would be a wonderful birthday present!

    Love Zumba…missing since hurting my neck. Enjoy this fun exercise!
    I hope you find a reading plan that works for you.
    I have found one that gives me structure but no guilt.

    Bless you Sharon and thanks for not being chicken tee hee!



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