the finishing work of summer

the finishing work of summer

Summer is fleeing.

The days  bring heat but the sun hangs around less

and less.

The leaves will start showing off their spectrum of hues

soon enough.

The need for a sweater or even socks will arrive

without our permission.

Until then I am embracing the finishing work of summer.

I hope you will as well.

The school bell rang this week.

Soccer balls are being kicked around with purpose once again.

An early bedtime seems implausible and dinner still

makes its appearance at dusk.

Embrace the final touches of summer.

Let the bee gather pollen.

Let every fruit draw out every speck of energy to ripen.

Let the last tendrils wind and climb.

Halt and marvel at the intricacies of the Creator.
This is but one flower, one variety, made by One God.
Don’t miss Him.

Snip the true stars  of  summer to deck your tables and rooms with bouquets of happy.

One flower fully bloomed produces many seeds.
One life fully lived and empowered scatters seeds far and wide.

Find a place in the shade as the neighborhood cat did this week.
Not too pleased my shutter woke him up,
I might add.
It is still fine to take a nap…do you believe me yet?

Close your eyes,
lean back,
inhale the sweet air of summer or the last burning embers of charcoal.

Reflect on the lessons of  summer.
Ponder words spoken from your  mouth and others.
Remember the days which moved your soul to a fresh resting place.
Resolve to let the teachers of summer provide guidance and instruction
for autumn.
Lest you think the finishing touches of summer must be all deep
and reflective to matter,
rest assured in these waning days of sunshine, I will be searching for just
one more box of these.

By golly there must be just one box of six icy lemon heaven somewhere!

Bask in these final days of summer.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

One thought on “the finishing work of summer

  1. Thanks Helen! So beautifully written entwining summer and fall into one glorious spectrum.
    Tom has been enjoying the Fruit Bars you left last week – thanks so much.

    Hooray for Mango Fruit Bars…glad he enjoyed them!
    Thanks Mary…



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