september desktop and a question

september desktop and a question

Oh it is truly September!

I am a bit sad to say goodbye to August and  the  gorgeous hydrangea and verse

but I do love Psalm 121 and the thought of taking flight, soaring as if hovering

isn’t a bad visual either.

Click the picture and it will take to the place where you can create

your own desktop for September.

I am mulling over participating in the 31 days project starting in


Do you remember last year?

I was #729.

31 days of encouragement consumed my daily postings.

It was scary and stretching.

Somehow with a year under my belt doesn’t lessen the challenge

or trepidation.

Shoot me an email or leave me a comment…

any great ideas or suggestions of what you might

enjoy reading about for 31 days?

Otherwise it might be 31 days of dog pictures or

the immense gifts of the chicken breast.

Think I am joking?

We shall see 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “september desktop and a question

  1. I need some fresh ideas for chicken breasts:) How about the subtle changes from summer to fall and BAM,! the falls colors arrive as if overnight. Hope that helps Helen.


  2. Helen,
    I love hearing about your everyday life and seeing your photos. For me, most of the deepest forms of encouragement come from the simplest and rather daily/mundane sources. It’s quite fun to hear what’s going on in your neighborhood and under your roof rather than mine. I truly love whatever you choose to write about so just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along. Just write whatever is at the forefront of your mine and I bet you will find a great variety from day to day. Love you!


  3. I would agree with ci, just continue writing from your heart and getting inspiration from your everyday experiences. Your writing is so fresh and inspiring there is always something new for me to learn in every article. It is good though that you have your followers in mind and you are seeking our input.

    Much Love from South Africa

    Big love to you from America by way of Portland, Oregon!



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