I just wanted to pop in and write a quick post.

I will be filling you in on my little respite last week soon.

I am sure you were holding your breath until I did…kidding!

I will say that it was a rich and deeply satisfying week and utterly

different from what  I envisioned.

God is tender like that!

My aim was not that life would stop which is impossible but to find patches of rest.

Life did not stop turning but rest came in unanticipated ways and changed my personal

thoughts about what constitutes rest.

I hope I can write about it with clarity which is why today is not that day.

Today is about getting down to work and ridding this house of all its stickiness.

Why is it that hot weather leaves the residue of sticky?

I declare it to be the one-two punch of copious amounts of lemonade and Popsicles.

I digress.

Perhaps I am trying to avoid the 409.

Remember what I said about clarity.

It is evident that I am lacking it today.

Focus Helen!

See those zinnias above?

Those flowers actually did come from seeds that fell from my palm.

Yet I still cannot take credit for their growth.

My sweet grandfather was a gentle and loving gardener.

He would always tell my mom and me to plant cut and come again zinnias.

He declared them the easiest flowers to grow and would create a long season

of blooms.

I never seemed to have that flair.

Until this year and they actually took to the soil and grew.

I will admit that I grew impatient and bought a few plants to fill in while I waited.

This morning, I was ecstatic to see the color of the first one open.

My hope for you today is that as you walk through your day and week, that you

have a moment to stop and experience some of creation.

A flower, a tree, a wonderful fragrance, birds splashing in water or the sway of a child’s

hair as the wind tosses it to and fro.

It may conjure up a memory of a loved one as it did for me today.

More importantly may it remind you of the exquisite Creator.

I read a book last week which I will share as well.

The last chapter was about the practice of pronouncing blessings.

This was one of the blessings from the book, I speak over you today:
“Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe,
who made the works of creation.”

May you be blessed as you spend time blessing the Maker

of Heaven and Earth.

A win-win wouldn’t you say!

Blessed Monday everyone and

thank you for the gift of your prayers last week,

oh the seeds that were sown because you dared

mention my name to Him.


2 thoughts on “hello

  1. Helen, Love the beautiful picture and your post! Reading your blog reminded me that my plumeria plant had it’s first flower this weekend, which reminded me of my father who passed almost 3 years ago. I miss him so, but I can smile knowing he is with the Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Happy Monday to you, too!

    Hi Janet,
    I am sorry for your loss. I am thankful that He knew His Creator and that God has given
    you a sweet memory visible to the eye and comforting to the soul.
    Have a blessed day!


  2. Beautiful words Helen. May you be blessed today and everyday.

    Sending my blessings to you today as well! xoxo


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