seeds erupt in bloom from a past season

Sometimes the loveliest blooms are the

ones where seeds did not fall from human fingertips,

no  thought or  hope was placed for roots to stretch the depths of the earth,

and watering occurred from heaven’s springs or an accidental

over splash.

Yes, those are the most exquisite flowers,

the ones tended

in secret by the Maker,

revealing His  hidden work in due season.


7 thoughts on “tending

  1. Yes you are right. I am on a break…almost made it through the weekend.
    I kept it under 100 words and if you knew the other blog posts that are in my
    head currently or in my journal then you will know it takes discipline and
    Just couldn’t help it today!


  2. I’m so happy I took time to visit your lovely world of words today! What a beautiful post! Love you, Precious Helen.

    ❤ Cher ❤


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