Ever need a respite?

I do.

An expanse of time to disconnect from the online pulse

and instead connect in quiet  with the Source.

I am feeling the tiniest bit chewed around the edges.

Perhaps the Olympic  thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

coupled with  its late nights have taken a toll.

A summer that hasn’t slowed as I envisioned.

Box fans losing the war and  can no longer cool daily hot air.

I often wonder if I spend more time updating my status

than letting the Lord update me on what He is doing.

I am going to type less and listen more.

I pray the same for you…

may you find sweet patches of peace,

full uninterrupted sleep,

unexpected laughter,

cold drinks savored rather than gulped,

spaces where words are unneeded,

quiet allowing His presence to invade

your soul as if for the first time and yet

way down deeper.

The blessed reality is something will bloom

beneath the jagged leaves.

I just know it!

Join me?

Be back soon…enough!

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