Tuesday evening

Last week, I received an email from Mary DeMuth about applying

to be a part of her book launch for her upcoming book  Everything.

I jumped at the thought of doing something tangible to help Mary

as she has been one of my writing mentors,  whether she is aware of this

fact or not.

I  love her honesty and love of Jesus.

I have been impacted by her passion to  give so much of her hard-earned

knowledge away to writers just beginning the process.

I clicked the link to apply.

I must admit that I let out a sigh more than once as we were to include

essentially our social media fingerprint…twitter handle (I have none),

Facebook friends (decent but not astronomical) and blog readership numbers

(again decent but nothing earth-shaking).

Then I remembered a post that changed my writing pursuits written by Mary.

A printed out piece of writing taped into my journal as a reminder when I get caught

up in numbers.

I nearly missed the email a couple of days later saying that I had made the team.

I also will  tell you that Mary wrote each person who was not selected for the team


She has an enormous heart as I have found and hope you will witness in the weeks and

months to come.

There are 100 people on this team and we are connecting and chatting it up on Facebook.

We are full of ideas and excitement.

It’s like a great big book club as we share our favorite quotes and chapters.

Each one of us longs for Jesus to completely be our everything.

We are  supporting  and praying for Mary and each other.

Mary is praying for us as she does  often and so exquisitely.

It is grand how opportunities  seem to come not only with a suitcase of blessing but a bonus carry on as well.

Today I want to share with you a passage from the book Everything.

Wednesday morning
When the world careens out of control, 
we can rest in the fact that God spun this world with a simple word.
Matter from emptiness.
Beauty from void.
Community from chaos.
Remembering God as Creator reminds us that God is in the growth business.
He not only created trees, sky, air and dirt, but He also matures them:
"So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who
gives the growth"
I Cor. 3: 7
I've spent a great deal of my Christian life trying to manufacture what only God
can flourish.
Although I have a choice to submit myself before the Creator of the world,
to be humbly repentant, adopting a posture of learning, I cannot cause
I must depend on His ability to bring sprouts, limbs, flowers, and fruit.

I was amazed to see that while I slept my first sunflower unfurled

its petals.

How did this happen?

Would the opening be visible if I pulled an all-night’er  and stayed up to watch?

I have soaked those plants with all my might this summer,

through hot days and cloudy ones, but nothing I did

caused the growth.

I stand in awe of the Creator.

If you would like to read a few sample chapters of Everything,

click here to find out more!

Everything: Free Sample Chapters

Keep your eye on the sidebar for more quotes and Everything news.

Thank you Renee and Alycia for your creativity over there ———>>>>>

6 thoughts on “everything

  1. Helen this is such wonderful news for you – Congratulations! I know you will be a valued member of Mary’s team as she prepares for her book launch. Blessings and many prayers, my friend.


  2. I love that section you pulled from “Everything.” It says so much in such little space. Thanks so much for sharing my creativity, too! It’s such a blessing to be part of the launch team and to admire all the creativity God has poured out in our group. I’m so grateful.


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