love list

love list

Hazel assuming the position of summer!

A friend reminded me today that I hadn’t written in a week.

We are getting  packed up and ready to attend my 10 year class reunion.

Make that my 30th…just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

My heart’s all a twitter and I can’t spend a lot of time spell checking

and formatting so I am going to express what I am loving these sunny


Please feel free to leave me a few or a dozen of what you are loving as well.

A little boomerang love is always nice!

In no particular order here is

July’s love list…

  • endless hours on the patio
  • San Pellegrino with lemon and lime…refreshingly nice
  • simply our old pooch’s attempts to remain a puppy
  • sunflowers
  • playing the game Farkle…the best sure-fire way to produce laughter
  • Ruby Jewel
  • periwinkle painted toe nails
  • the sweetness of Courtney making Caleb his own personal road trip cd
  • the prayers of friends
  • a dress at just the right time
  • Caleb’s morning reading material
  • A visit from thankfully safe and sound  Colorado friends
  • the book of Jonah helping me examine when I am prone to run
  • the consistently deeply satisfying gift of peace
  • the promise of long gazes into my parent’s faces for the next five days
  • embracing the time to reminisce with those who share the history of my youth

What are you loving?

One thought on “love list

  1. I’m loving…
    That we were mentioned in your love list
    Filling up my “Washington Love Tank” once again
    Watching Caleb bounce on his pogo stick and walk on his stilts
    Courtney keeping our Farkel scores with ease (now that we are playing our own Farkel Court made keeping score look much easier than it really is)
    Chatting with Carlen about how to teach troubled kids
    Discovering a hidden treat of fresh blueberries you snuck into our “left overs”
    Watching two of my favorite men, Tony and Carl, get to know one another
    Sharing a Ruby Jewel with a forever friend – YOU!!


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