pinkie dreams

pinkie dreams

A Work of Heart is rounding the corner of the  6-year mark.

Often I read about

all the do’s and don’t’s of blogging.

I am sure I have made plenty of mistakes.

I doubt that this small space will ever be the landing

pad of heaps of what in the blog community is called traffic.

What I do know as I look over the archives, whether

I knew it was right or wrong, there has been a consistent





I pray that when you land here you find

plenty of those 3 ingredients.

I also pray you read reminders proclaiming  you are not alone.

I have inked over these years, my own grappling

with faith and life.

Lately I notice the topic of  dreams being woven into my posts.

Dreams that seem to be curled up under a blanket snoozing.

Dreams that are realized at the most unexpected moments.

Dreams that are shy about leaving the safety of our hearts.

Today, after this past week, I see dreams differently.

Dreams are  living and breathing

right before my eyes.

This past week from beginning to end was full of people.

People I love.

People I don’t see often (dislike this part of life.)

People I am getting to know.

People in my church.

The weary neighbor who drops off his grandson because he knows he can.

The people of my heart who were too close to peril
when gunshots rang out during the innocence of swimming lessons.

Last week, showed me my life is a dream already grasped.

A dream sitting on a silver platter…shiny, beautiful and priceless.

Anything else I reach for is like the raspberry on top {not a maraschino kind of girl 🙂 }

I am blessed.

I number the blessings and fail to arrive at a final number.

The people in my life remind me of a heart impossible to be confined to

the frame of a photograph.

Love links arms and expands when we invade each

other’s lives.

May each visit here, in this little corner,

be a place that reminds you of the dreams

that are already residing in your days.

This morning I read a particularly lovely post from one

of my favorite blog stops… Emily

from chatting at the sky…

Sweet hope for dreams.


Come here often to be encouraged (I pray)

and to keep enfolding your hands around your dreams.

Perhaps keep your pinkies  free for the landing of any

incoming dreams!

Joyous Monday!

One thought on “pinkie dreams

  1. I am ALWAYS encouraged when I visit here! I tend to have to catch up on a few at a time due to life’s interruptions and it is always a highlight. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Father and also to us, your blog friends! I also love your new look 🙂


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