july longings

july longings

I wrote my own psalm last week.

The lines were full of question marks and ponderings.

The ink from my pen poured  emotions over

reams of dreams that remain uncollected.

Where had these lines of lament come from?

Then I remembered, the calendar bears the name,


July sneaks up on me.

It catches me unaware.

June is a place of promise and anticipation.

It’s going to warm up any day now.

We are heading to the beach in a few weeks.

I need to get those plants in the garden very soon.

August is the settled place of summer.

The sun has come and it stays.

Trips have been taken and we grab a fresh memory card for
any last-minute adventure.

Would you like some zucchini?  Please!

July burns hot when you are accustomed to long sleeves.

It’s pulse is irregular and unsettled.

Routine is upended.

New activities are mixed in with the daily ones.

I lose focus in July.

I see the framework of my days slacken (for good reason) and I tend

to doubt any visible forward movement in my life.

July reveals that the year is now past its midpoint.

Oh July, you are very necessary.

This month provides a catalyst for examination.

Structure can lasso us so tightly that our breathing

stays shallow.

The ease of summer allow our lungs to experience the

freedom to inhale and exhale deeply.

If I take time to listen to what my heart is telling me.

Or even retrace the miles my pen has traversed over

the map of my journal,

I find what is true…

~in cold months and heat waves.

~no matter how lost I feel when routine

has been abandoned.

~even when I feel I am left alone with my dreams.

He is there.

He is watching me.

He is loving me.

He has not forgotten me even

when normalcy seems fleeting,

especially in July.

An ocean of recognition washes  over me,

soaking me to the core.

All longings, even July ones, are vital.

They bring us to our endpoints, the place

where our longings can be saturated by

our Maker.

I do not know how He does this, it is all

wrapped in the mystery of God.

Solomon tells us that we can’t  fathom

what God is doing from beginning to end.

Give God your longings today.

Let Him make each one beautiful.

Grasp your pen, take aim and inscribe the last line of your

own psalm with letters  spelling out thanksgiving.

Now is the perfect time to discover some visible reminders of God’s

ever-watchful eye and the way only He brings beauty to everything.

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