first blueberry harvest

It was tempting to photograph Caleb holding

some of the blueberries I brought home Sunday.

Blueberries the size of grapes and all deep midnight blue.

Why was I tempted?

It is easy to desire photos to look as if they

were plucked from the glossy confines of a magazine.

My life is not a magazine and I am guessing that yours

isn’t either.

Let’s make this week’s aim to offer our true colors to the Father this week.

Present Him the ripe and not quite ripe dreams possessed in your heart.

Show Him the real you with  all the shades it possesses and lacks.

The truth is that even purplish berries continue to ripen days after they are picked.

Whatever your condition, you have been picked.

Give God the opportunity to continue the completion  process  by laying your life

in His able hands.

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