I am excited that summer is showing off here in


It is beauty to behold.

I am also excited that our weekend is not overly full.

This makes for lots of patio time…

tending the garden and harvesting so much lettuce.

I wouldn’t mind Peter Rabbit making an appearance as we have

plenty to share and share we have.

I also plan to kick my flip-flops off and read and sip anything that

is cold.

Here’s what is on my stack this month.

Books I  pulled off my own shelves,

borrowed from library shelves and shelves

that require payment, places where they frown if you

don’t leave some cash behind.

A delightful assortment, I believe.

Walking On Water– after checking this book out countless times from the library.
I finally broke down and ordered it.
It is time to underline and scribble in the margins.
A classic book about faith and art and so much more.
A treasure.

Sacred Thirst-  my friend Karen gave me this book many years ago.
It was one of her favorite books one semester during seminary.
Books find us at just the right time. I had read bits and pieces of this book before but
opening the pages this week was like an arrow speeding towards my heart.
It went deep and was richly comforting. Just what I needed at the right time.
Thanks Karen.

The Middle Place I have meant to read this book for quite some time.
I recall watching, I believe, 60 Minutes, chronicling the evolution of this book.
What struck me the most was Kelly Corrigan’s mom.
She went into bookstores and turned  her daughter’s book covers so they faced out on shelves.
She also went up to patrons and asked them if they had read her daughter’s book.
So precious.
I have a mom like that.
I love reading memoirs.

Sacred Rhythms-Yes, another book about spiritual disciplines.
I can’t count the number of times this book has been footnoted in other books
I have read over the years.
Time to find out why.
Summer creates a space that I find perfect to contemplate what needs to
grow, what needs to be pruned and what needs weeding.

Continuous Container Gardens-This one is just plain fun!
This book takes a pot and shows how to plant it for all four seasons.
I think it is quite brilliant actually.
Some are definitely not my style but it is visual joy to look through all the ways one pot can
have an extended life.

The Night Circus-I finished this one on Thursday.
It was delightful and magical and suspenseful.
It was different from anything I have read previously.
Fiction writers astound me. I truly sit and stand in awe.
I am also a bit awestruck that this book will become a movie.

What are you reading?

I am fresh out of fiction…any suggestions?

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “shelves

  1. So I’m reading Wild by cheryl strayed. Its about a woman who hikes the pacific crest trail alone to start her life over. Lots of bad language, some drug use and some sex. Not normally my kind of book but it is a redempton story, my favorite! Also read some books about english queens oh and some lynn austen, edith warton, and kristin hannah. Also the new jane kirkpatrick about the hulda klager lilac gardens. I put night circus on my wish list for my nook.


  2. I want to read Nigh Circus. It was written during National Novel Writing Month one year and it’s amazing and inspiring to me that she’s been so successful.

    I just read a book called “Margaret’s Ark.” It’s an interesting story by a Christian author, but with a twist. I also read Defending Jacob, but it was pretty intense. I liked it but I don’t know if you like legal thrillers.


  3. Hi Brittany,
    I had no idea that The Night Circus was written during that November challenge.
    That is definitely a nudge to pursue and see what being consistent and committed for one month can
    Thanks for the book suggestions…I always tend to have a lull in choosing what will be my next read and it is fun to read something different!


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