The first summer that we lived in our house,

a friend stopping by for a quick

tour and to peek at the wee one we welcomed

just weeks after unpacking boxes.

We climbed stairs, opened doors and traced

a circle around our little abode.

We tried to identify the habitat that had come

with the house.

Was it Oregon Grape or perhaps blueberries?

I was happy to find weeks later that it was indeed

berries of blue.

At the close of our visit, my friend said that our home

was full of moments.

I have come to love that expression.

As I survey our home, 19 years later,

there have been many moments along

Michigan Avenue.

There are rooms where I can recall laughter and tears.

I can see chipped paint and precious photographs.

I walk out my back door and this moment of potting

catches my eyes.

So happy that I seized that past moment now

that this present moment carries neck issues.

Yet I can turn a different direction and see weeds and brown

patches of grass.

Each day carries moments of beauty interlaced with

moments of stark reality.

This weekend I hope you will revel in the moments

of your life.

Moments do not have to be gigantic to be life-giving

and heart-enriching.

Take a quiet moment and let your mind roam the pages of a book…

One of Caleb’s favorite reading spots…Mom and Dad’s bed!

Savor and enjoy good food with those you love…

Oh…please no judgment!

Look deeply in the eyes of those who inhabit your life and recount the moments…

Celebrating 19 years of moments with this precious girl!

If you do nothing else this weekend,

here’s a simple way to create a moment,

buy a non-stop Begonia!**

A sure-fire way to have plenty of moments

of beauty this summer.

What better way to grab your life moments than by planting

a flower that tends itself?

It buds, blooms, drops its spent blooms and blooms again!

True story!

Gosh, maybe I should be more like a Begonia.

As a gardener friends says,

“Non-stop Begonias are the best bang for your buck!”

May your weekend be full of non-stop moments

that fill the shallow places and revive the exhausted parts

of your soul!

As a side-note,

A Work of Heart has a new address:

Pretty cool, eh?

The old address will still work but this

address is a bit easier to remember.

Don’t miss a single post by subscribing

on the sidebar to the right!

It’s a great deal…it’s free!

See you next week!

**To my knowledge, Hazel has not been eating Begonias
this summer but with her discriminating palate she has
preferred eating sunflower leaves…but that is another story

4 thoughts on “moments

  1. To the three M’s…Marianna, Michelle and Mary…I absolutely
    KNOW that each one of you has many many moments in your gardens!


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