don’t run away

don’t run away

garage sale find during the merry month of May!

I have been doing a study on the book of Jonah this summer.

It’s all about running away.

All those times when we tend to duck and  run from our callings.

The subject matter has made me think about the places I run.

I wonder if I hold onto feelings that poison my relationships.

Am I more concerned with being right than shifting my perspective to

upright a friendship?

My calling may not be to preach to a whole city yet I am called

to proclaim Jesus in all my movements around my little world.

Remember  Alexander  and that terrible, horrible,no good, very bad day?

A string of hard events may cause anyone to want to move to Australia as well.

It is easy to want to run away when we are hurt, angry or simply

don’t want to do what we know we are supposed to do.

I love that we have a God that searches for us.

He won’t let us hide in any corner of the world

without bringing with Him strength to help us walk out our lives.

Marriage is one of those relationships that can easily crumble

when the people involved run away from one another.

Don’t allow your marriage to feel like you are living in

two different continents.

We were meant to travel together in all kinds of weather

and terrain instead of  inhabiting two separate Poles.

Stay committed to Him

and to your marriages.

I ran into this blog post last night and

wanted to share it this morning.

It is about two simple words.

The picture above shows one of five ducks

atop our hutch.

My five ducks in a row…the only

place this reality exists 🙂

That little duckling is turned away from

the world, with an upturned  beak, I might add.

It only takes a half turn to return

to where it belongs.

Read the link  and the comments as well.

What two little words would you declare

to make that turn back to a right relationship?

On the list, mine would be get over.

I confess that I have one of those steel trap minds,

wonderful in some areas but not always the most helpful in relationships.

To me that adds up to the two words: show grace!

Care to share two words that help you in your relationships

or that you need  to pick up and use now?

HT: Corey Allan for this excellent resource.

I am praying that we will all turn our little “beaks”

towards our world.

2 thoughts on “don’t run away

  1. Wonderful! Thanks Helen for the encouragement…your writing is as velvety as soft butter.


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