overflowing hope for your week

overflowing hope for your week

May this week overflow with good things!

Rays of sun,

perhaps tiny drops of rain

and new discoveries in your garden.

May this week overflow like

a planter of lush edible leaves.

May it be filled with the perfect life mix

from the Maker…





more thanksgiving


mind-boggling grace

trial busting joy


buoyant hope to keep you afloat,

tightly tethered to peace and joy.

May this week simply overflow!

6 thoughts on “overflowing hope for your week

  1. Karen, perhaps we should meet for lunch soon.
    Praying for hope that overflows, penetrates and invades your
    thoughts, heart and days!


  2. Thanks for you encouragement Helen! I would like some salad too…looks wonderful! I’ve decided to make it my summer treat to catch up on reading your blog….HOPE is certainly what’s needed. Love you.


  3. I say a hearty “amen” to a blessed week like this! Thanks for the reminder to keep asking and to keep looking forward. You are a blessing!


  4. Thank you Helen for the gift for the week and everyday. Also, may I come for salad? Mor


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