summer outside edition

summer outside edition

Summer can be full of anticipation.

Summer can also bring a sense of dread.

It can become too full.

It can be easy to look around and realize that your

family is not going to any exotic locales.

We find ourselves in that strange place of older children

with jobs and classes mixed in with adult work and swimming

lessons, etcetera etcetera!

We feel the financial pinch and we also know that it is increasingly

difficult to gather all five of us simultaneously.

Saturday afternoon we gathered over our backyard picnic table and

stretched the paper long and wrote our own list of summer pursuits.

It was such fun and even after it was hung in a corner of our dining room,

the paper continued to fill.

It warmed my heart to see that most items are pure simple joys.

We didn’t set any ground rules yet somehow everyone chose appropriately.

A lot of them involve food…no surprise there.

Many items were of the “we always meant to do that” variety.

Our minds started thinking and by the end of the weekend we
had easily crossed a few things off the list.

We won’t get all of it accomplished but that isn’t the rule of summer anyway.

It’s all about making time to spend time with those you love…family and friends.

Instead of listing a litany of summertime ideas and links…I am going to share

a few of my favorites that made the list and a few more.

Plus a pesky pinched nerve has made typing not as fun as usual.

Sunday Parkways…it’s in our neighborhood this month…the family will bike and
I plan to walk.

Gelato Tour…no explanation needed!

Go to Big Al’s…this one is fun as I just purchased a deal via Sharing Spree.
Register for Groupon, Living Social, Sharing Spree and Amazon Local for great
affordable deals for summer fun!

Progressive Fast Food Meal

Council Crest– one of our favorite picnic spots

Pittock Mansion– I can’t believe my husband has never been here…it made the list


Maybe we will mosey our way here.

Walk There Walks– a local guide of great walks all over Portland and the surrounding areas.
Check out your local metro department to see if you have a similar guide.

The Drive-In!

Cathedral Park Jazz Festival –it’s always over our anniversary weekend…maybe this year is the year!

Time to rest my arm, wait out the rain before swimming lessons,
sounds like a perfect time to spend some time between the covers of a book.

Have you made a summer bucket list before?

What would be on your list?

Check out the inside summer edition here.

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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