everything…I didn’t know

everything…I didn’t know

Caleb’s “ball railroad” or as I call it his “ball garage”

To everything there is a season…

As I did a little cleaning in the living and dining rooms,

I had to smile as broad as a beach ball thinking about this season.

I didn’t imagine that we would welcome a baby boy at 39.

Yet God did.

I didn’t know that life would contain so many bouncing balls and

action figures.

Oh and the boy smell and never-ending hunger.

As quickly as he was being created within, I would need to stop working.

I didn’t know about the loss of income then.

I also didn’t know how little boys weave themselves into their mother’s hearts.

I didn’t know that he would rarely sleep his first two years.

I couldn’t have known that this time sleep deprivation would make us feel ancient.

Or that I would describe him as yummy because he was just that…and still is.

We couldn’t fathom that we would hand him over to a surgeon when he was just months old.

I didn’t know how we would manage  high school combined with a middle school with

a pile of diapers.

But we did.

Report cards and growth charts collided.

The prom and preschool wrapped into one package.

We rejoiced in solid food be it literal or spiritual for our boy and  two girls.

We didn’t worry about being a cool parent before…not that we were.

I am certain the next teen years will find us lacking several shades of cool factor.

Carl will still shave away the gray and I will cover mine.

There are so many things we didn’t know but on the whole

what God held in His hand and presented us has proved to be stellar.

He knew the contents of each season.

He knew that we would suffer loss after loss and hardship that nearly broke us,

and He conceived  laughter to help rescue us from with our sorrow.

He knew that we could do it because it was through an equipping that

came straight from those same gift bearing hands.

When I am prone to complain about the decorating style of my

home and called it “boy chic”,

He gently reminds me that I never ever fielded calls from Better Homes and

Gardens or House Beautiful for a cover story in all those past seasons.

He has been the designer all along.

Today you may see evidence strewn across your life that bears witness

to an unforeseen resting place.

You may scratch your head and wonder how you arrived in this territory.

Your unanticipated might not come with a toothless grin like mine.

Yours might cause you to wipe away tears on most days.

I offer you my prayers today.

I extend you my hand of understanding.

I also whisper that God sees you and loves you.

He is for you and He has not forgotten you.

He is looking for you.

Let yourself be caught by His grasp today.

Pour your cares, concerns, fears, anger, frustration,

discouragement and anxieties onto His able shoulders.

Let Him carry your hard places.

Have no fear in being weak.

It allows Him to be God…strong and mighty.

Because from where you sit you may feel like you don’t know anything…

it’s alright because He knows everything.

In fact,

He. Is. Everything.

In every season.


6 thoughts on “everything…I didn’t know

  1. Cheryl, I’ve gotten a priceless glimpse of the years ahead with a boy from watching you…you have painted a beautiful picture.


  2. Karen, it’s a blast having boys…and boy does mine look up to yours! He’d dress like him if he could…oh wait…he does!


  3. Oh how I love this! What a beautiful and timely reminder of the perfection of each season that HE gives. He is always good. I understand the ability of a boy to weave his way into your heart in unique ways…and to hold loosely for the next season in each of our lives when it feels like you just got adjusted to the current season! It is always good to be remiinded of the fruit of God’s goodness, even when it all started with a surprise!


  4. God knew I would have not one, but two, friends that would also have “late” surprise boys! LOVE the ball garage!!!! Keep taking pictures of those sweet scenes, because they change so rapidly–the next scene is already on its way.


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