friday high five: the inside outside summer edition

friday high five: the inside outside summer edition

Well, I wrote a bit about taking

time to smell the roses here.

A seed from last summer emerges…what seeds will grow this summer?

It made me  think about

ways to embrace the spirit of summer

and without getting sunburned.

I have compiled a (by no means exhaustive) list

of summer ideas for inside and outside joy.

As I look outside, it is raining again so let’s

start inside.

Activities that you can do indoors but more

importantly will add to your insides…hidden


Read on and I think you will get my drift.

Let’s start by grabbing a book…

The Gypsy Mama’s 23 summer reads for lazy days

Bloom {in}courage summer recommended reads 
plus weekly giveaways 

Have you read one of these classics?

Need a longer list of books to read at least once?

I love this quote from John Piper  on how 
to read more…especially great books and the Bible 

Daily listen to the Bible plus there is a Kids’ version I adore

Grab a couple of friends and start a book club.

Switch up your book genres.

Pick a letter of the alphabet…go to that section in the library,
grab 2-3 books by  authors whose last names begin with that letter.
You might find a treasure.

Throw a book exchange party.

Email a few friends and do a short Bible study.

Do you tend to forget Amos’ neighbors are Joel
and Obadiah…why not memorize the books of the
Bible as a family?

Read a biography.

Do a topical Bible study.

Easy way to stay connected. I. love. this.

Practice gratitude.
Place post-it notes of thanksgiving upon
an empty wall or bulletin board.
Witness your hearts enlarge.

I shared my affection for Downton Abbey
and  Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare in January here.
Watch Downton Abbey on a rainy day
and print June’s Joy Dare.

Keep a journal of your summer reflections.

Start a blog.





Photograph your summer.
Turn it into a book here.

Spread a puzzle on a table and
create hours of  family cohesion.

Game night anyone?

The Olympics maybe in London
but you can create your own Olympics events…
croquet, biking, tennis, cannonballs,
frisbee throwing, hula hooping, watermelon
seed launching.
What would you add?
Dish washing? Maybe not.


a different kind of summer bucket list 

I hope this list started you thinking about

what you want to add to your summer and what

things need to be thinned out.

A friend gave me some of her harvested sunflower seeds.

I got a bit of a late start planting them.

My friend reminded me to not forget to thin the seedlings.

She said that although it is always painful to pull out all those

sprouts, it’s worth it because the sunflowers will grow taller and


What will you plant into your summer?

What needs to be thinned out?

You don’t have to do everything…just pick a few things

you would like to build into your summer.

And by all means, don’t forget to take a nap once in awhile!

Next week…we will move outside!

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