stop…don’t circle the roses

stop…don’t circle the roses

I have been walking a lot lately.

I have abandoned my normal routes.

I have been trying to add a bit of variety to a tried and true routine.

Yesterday I wanted to get a walk in before the rain descended.

I decided to stay close to home and walked to the park that is a minute away.

I went back to the familiar path around the park.

I had not walked more than 25 steps before I came upon the sunken

rose garden.

It took my breath away.

In fact, pictured above is but a portion of this stellar rose garden.

When did this happen?

I know that it is June.

I know that Portland is the Rose City and

this is Rose Festival time which means that we

are destined for plenty of rain but

when did all this color arrive?

I had missed the blooms because I had changed my route.

I did my normal laps around the park and when I was sufficiently

sweaty, I walked home.

I grabbed my camera, walked back and captured the view.

Then I abandoned circling the roses and I wove in and out

of all those carefully manicured rows.

Greetings to a rain-kissed beauty
Hello gorgeous!

I lingered.

I breathed in the unmistakable scent.

I frolicked.

Yes I did.

It’s summer time or close enough.

Will you join me and challenge yourself to walk in some new directions this summer?

Except stay grounded in the truest  direction.

Continue keeping company with the Lover of your soul, this is essential.

It’s easy to get sidetrack when a new season begins.

Stretch your legs and try something new and uncharted.

Now this is where I get all firstborn child on you aka bossy…

whatever you do please don’t book every moment of your summer.

Don’t make your calendar so full that you can only do laps around the days but never fully

enter into the blessed paths lined with beauty and the telltale aroma of summer.

Refuse to miss summer’s mission to







I hope to share a few ideas in the

days to come that might point

your summer compass in the right


I believe someone once said to stop and smell the roses.

So go do that too…

I’ll race you!

2 thoughts on “stop…don’t circle the roses

  1. If it is sunny, or at least dry, I’d love to come walk with you to this park…maybe even next week? I have always wanted to stop and enjoy the sunken garden, and how great to see it in bloom. This was a beautiful post in a multitude of ways. Bless you!


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