wear love this weekend

wear love this weekend

newly planted pot with a little peek over the fence to our neighbors

So, chosen by God for this new life of love,

dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you:




quiet strength,


Be even-tempered,

content with second place,

quick to forgive an offense.

Forgive as quickly and completely

as the Master forgave you.

And regardless of what else you put on,

wear love.

It’s your basic, all-purpose garment.

Never be without it.

Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other,

in step with each other.

None of this going off and doing your own thing.

And cultivate thankfulness.

Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house.

Give it plenty of room in your lives.

Instruct and direct one another using good common sense.

And sing, sing your hearts out to God!

Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—

be done in the name of the Master, Jesus,

thanking God the Father every step of the way.

Colossians 3: 12-17 (MSG)

Wherever your foot hits the ground this weekend,

wear love as your covering.

Get some rest…it is easier

to be dressed in your best when you are  

not depleted.

Practice forgiveness and

spread peace.

Hand over your list and let Him lead you through the details.

Open those windows and allow others to hear you singing

and thanking your God.

Be kind when you feel the opposite.

Extend compassion to the discouraged

and despairing.

Let Christ rule each day.

Have a blessed weekend as you rub shoulders with one another,

leaving behind a trail to the Savior.

2 thoughts on “wear love this weekend

  1. I have that same translation on a card in my kitchen, I love it! I especially like the part about putting on love because it it your all purpose garment. So true because nothing counts if you don’t put it on, and when you do put it on…everything comes out right!


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