I suppose I began thinking about corners
when Courtney deposited the contents of
her dorm room in the entry and dining room.

The landscape was barely vacated before it was
replaced by Carlen’s camping gear.

Yet even once all was put away,
the corners still remained occupied.

The corner by the front door reveals cast off
garden gloves’ needing to be taken outside,
an umbrella that provided shelter days ago and
a consumed novel awaiting a trip back to its
home shelf.

When I look at all my corners, the title
Run fits well.
That’s what I want to do.
My corners reveal the memories of past soccer games
outdoors and in the living room.

Piles that attempt to be hidden from view.
Some that can be recycled and some that cannot.

Oh and yes, another soccer ball.

Corners are places where (for lack of a better word) stuff lands.

Corners are the places where two walls collide.

For me, it is the place where dog fur hovers

and if I look up, webs have silently


For some reason, I believe that if an item is placed

in a corner, it doesn’t exist.

I have a corner next to my night table.

I didn’t photograph it.

It doesn’t exist.

No one can see it.

Yet every few months when I finally take notice,

I must deal with it.

What’s in your corner?

I have been talking about actual physical

items that take up space, but what is in

the corners of your life?

What is lurking there that you believe

no one can see?

Are there unspoken dreams?

Or perhaps broken ones?

Does heartbreak live there?

How about fear and insecurity?

Or does your corner feel empty and


Have you used the shelter of walls to

keep you safe from being hurt…again?

Are you keeping someone else in a corner?

I am a word girl.

There are dozens of word plays I could conjure

from the word corner

I could remind you of what has been said in movies,

in music and in sayings,

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”


“Memories, light the corners of my mind.”

or even

God’s in your corner.

But what I simply want to communicate to

you today is that corners may feel safe.

Corners may appear to be undetected.

Corners that are not dealt with will begin

to spread to the center of the room…your life.

I would ask you to sweep past the dust bunnies

and sort through your corner’s contents.

See what needs to be Hoover’ed.

What needs to be placed before the Lord and

left for Him to file away.

We love the  God who scours every conceivable direction of this

earth to find us and to strengthen us.

Let the walls of God intersect with your corner and bring

light to that which has remained shielded.

Let God catch you in your corner today and

rescue you,

heal you,

love you.

Our flower-loving Hazel

I caught Hazel in a corner of our yard this morning.

Truth be told, we should have named her Begonia.

As she ate a summer worth of  blossoms during her puppy years.

No matter how we have fenced her out, she loves to

smell AND eat flowers.

She finds a way to get to the object of her affection.

How could you be angry at a face like that.

No matter how you try, you cannot fence God

out of your corners.

Let Him find you…the object of His supreme affection.

As Hazel and I turned to walk inside,

this caught my eye…

Next to our old rusty oil tank,

a rose.

How did I miss it yesterday?

An ancient rose-bush lives in the side back corner (is that a place?)

of our backyard.

No matter what we have done,



thrown on some coffee grounds,


attempted to train it  over a trellis,

it has not obeyed us.

We have learned, it was never up to

us to create beauty in our own image.

It produces perhaps a half a dozen roses a season,

always a bit “rough around the edges” but

if you lean in and inhale,

the most exquisite fragrance.

Corners are the places of fragility and

strength reclaimed.

They are the places where the ordinary

inhabits but when invaded by Life,

the fragrance is unforgettable.

Will you give God your corners?

Be fully His.

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