Life lessons from my Mom:

Faith is the most important thing.
It’s all that matters and all that will endure.

You can’t ever love too much or give too freely.

Work hard and do more than is expected.

Don’t envy. There is always someone who has more
but more often there is someone who has much less.

Don’t be afraid to dream.

Listen intently to others.

The importance of apologies.

Celebrate efforts and victories.

Words can heal or wound.

Be generous because all our
blessings are meant to be shared.

Be open with your life.

Be on the lookout for those who are aliens and
strangers in this land and welcome them into
your home.

What you studied in school may not be what you
end up doing in life…be open to possibilities and how
God moves.

God has designed us to do many things. Use your gifts
with abandon.

Don’t wait to be told a need…step
out in faith and meet it directly.

Good manners matter.

Treat others well.

There is always someone who could use a mentor.

Even in the life’s most difficult times, it is possible
to show grace and put others first.

Never stop learning.

Happy Mother’s Day Mor,

I will never ever stop learning from you.

I love you,


Mom, I wrote this hours before
our phone conversation 🙂
Plus I came up with more than ten!

2 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Helen,
    You were given an amazing treasure in your mom. What incredible wisdom that she gave you and I know there was a lot of love included in the lessons, because you are a beautiful reflection of her too! This was a wonderful post! Happy Mother’s day to you, sweet friend!


  2. What a loving tribute to a blessed mother… Prov. 31:28 “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”


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