floating thoughts

floating thoughts

Several posts are floating around my head but none  seem

to want to be written.

Perhaps today isn’t the day for lengthy blog posts.

Let’s see what floats to the surface:

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

I  finished this book a few weeks ago.

I stalled to a crawl  to avoid reaching the last page.

Lauren Winner’s  thoughts regarding the middle space of the faith

life and coming to a place of peace despite questions

and doubts was  compelling and comforting.


A patch of dirt, seemingly barren.

One day, shoots appear, unfazed

by the cold winter.


I think of God’s character.

It’s true and constant.

Ever-present and lurking beneath the surface of the

harshest landscapes.

Bringing beauty to the most rustic terrain.

How quickly a year passes!

Yes, that is a cliché to the nth degree.

As I drove the highway to retrieve Courtney for a weekend away,

I realized I knew this route well.

A year ago, we weren’t sure which signpost to follow.

I remain thankful for whispers from the One who

has drawn this section of our map.

He reminds me,

You are here.

Stay with Me.

I needed help opening a bottle the other day.

I asked the person I often ask if he was willing,

if he could open that which was closed.

He did.

Caleb came upon the scene and asked,

“Why didn’t you ask me?

I am very strong!”

I loved his confidence.

How often do I respond to a need with  familiar ways?

I wonder if God gently shakes his head and inquires,

“Why didn’t she ask me?

I am very strong.

I can open that which remains closed.”

The Father beckons me to sit in a rocker of His making.

Slowly I lean back, close my eyes and talk awhile.

The gentle rocking comforts and shelters me, I feel the

confidence of His expansive lap.

I open my eyes.

Although there doesn’t appear to be an inch of actual movement

from my time with Him,

I know that I am closer to the heart of God.

I leave the end results in the seat of the rocker.

I have become a tad bit obsessed with cross-references in the Bible.
It's like the liner notes inside album covers.
I am always curious to know more about the content.
Today, one verse took me on a road trip.
Make sure to mine the cross-references in the Word for gold.


Take a few ingredients,

each one delectable on its own,

mix together and you have the

making of a party.

Who are the ingredients in your life?

Who are the people who make your life worthy

of celebrating?

Who adds vivid color?

Which one makes you laugh?

Or holds your hand when you cry?

Who are the ingredients in your life?

Make a point of letting each one know

they are instrumental in making your life a delicious feast.

3 thoughts on “floating thoughts

  1. Loved this! Courtney is stunning and looks so much like you; The photo of the chairs on the front porch along with the words were amazing; What a great attitude, Caleb, young man of God; I loved it all!


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