the view from saturday

the view from saturday

If I were to ask you to complete the sentence:

April showers…

I suspect most would  utter “bring May flowers”

quicker than I could open an umbrella.

This familiar litany came to mind on Saturday

as I puttered around the backyard.

Year after year, one season evaporates into the next.

The saying promises the necessity of rain  bringing  forth

long-awaited flowers.

I wonder if I tend to perpetually live  getting ready for the next


In some cases perhaps I  am recovering from a previous one as well.

What about today?

What about this current season?

Take a stroll with me through my Saturday.

Let’s  see if we can determine

to live fixed in the present season while anticipating the one yet

to be unearthed.

What  do I miss when I attempt to  live beyond  where I reside?

Our back yard is lined with camellia trees.

This year the trees are exploding with hot pink, pink, pale pink and white


When I am task oriented, the trees represent weeks of filling compost

bags with heavy rain-soaked blossoms.

If I am present, I look up and see a sky that has been crowded out by the

watercolors of branches.

I don’t picture a rake to clear my way

but  a path of pink snow petals rising up

to cushion my steps.

Oh and all the debris that lands on my side of the fence

from another yard…

I remind myself that my life overlaps with others.

It is the business of life to deal with one another’s stuff.

We can carry each other’s burdens.

Come empty with the promise

of being filled.

Pull weeds that survived winter,

dig in the spring soil

breaking  up  hard places

to receive seeds that will shout

glory throughout  summer and fall.

Each appointed season contained in one plot of earth.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty

and pick the right tools.

Recording Psalms…

sows strength for today…

harvesting  absolute  comfort for tomorrow.

A mid-afternoon game instead of

creating a wedge in the day gives

reason to celebrate once again

that this is the day that the Lord has made.

I will rejoice in season and out of season.

This is the day that the Lord has made,

I will rejoice and be present in it.

How are you being firmly planted in

this season?

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