..."just because" tulips from Carl

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I started working

after a long hiatus.

Since the break has been longer than this blog is old,

a little background  might help  those who don’t know

me face to face.

I am a physical therapist.

In fact, 3 weeks after Carl and I married, we drove halfway

across the country and landed in Rochester, Minnesota.

Yes, the land of the Mayo Clinic, where I began

my schooling for P.T. and Carl eventually found lab work.

But that is another story entirely.

We lived in Minnesota for 2 years but our hearts remained  firmly planted in the

Pacific Northwest.

We targeted the Seattle area but I found a job in Portland first.

We packed our bags, said some tearful goodbyes and headed west.

I love pediatrics and I worked for a year at a children’s center

for medically fragile children.

We had our first child and I found a job working for a school


I worked 4 school years and another baby arrived and from that

point, I worked on-call for a staffing agency which led to being hired

by a large hospital group and I worked the next ten years on weekends and


I worked with patients that ranged from orthopedic, cancer,

cardiac, post-surgical, ICU, burns, stroke and in Level 1 trauma…whew!

Then you guessed it…another baby.

That last baby made his presence known early and I had to stop working immediately.

Now I am working for another  staffing agency and head wherever they point.

Since I am a bit rusty, I am working in skilled nursing facilities.

Think of these as places for patients who need extra time to fully recover.

I will say that the last few months have  been full of anxiety and fear.

The combination of the two combined with  life has been exhausting.

I  feared that I wouldn’t remember what to do with a patient.

I grew anxious walking into new places which means a

new building,

new staff,

new patients

with new needs.

Simple information like the location of a bathroom was priceless.

Each day I have come face to face with my inadequacies.

Most days I have made mistakes.

Some days I have been given the wrong information such as arriving

at the wrong facility.

Other days the computer won’t  accept my entries for charting

patient visits…huge red exclamations points have become my foes!!!!!

However I picked the word “fixed” to be my guide this year.

Each day I have learned to fix my eyes on Him.

I offer up each patient to Him and I take them one by one.

I don’t rush ahead.

I look at each face and I know that He knows each dear one

who finds themselves in a low place.

He has given me the access to be His hands.

He helps  guide my words and to listen to theirs.

He shows me how to comfort.

There are days when I come home completely depleted.

Those are the days I have used my strength to meet the demands presented.

The days are beginning to amass when I come home tired but energized.

Those are the days I have placed in His care.

I am wondering today if it might be helpful for all of us to remember

that we never know what will be contained in a day.

We never know who will be on the other side of the door or

end of the phone line or even at the gas pump.

Face to face encounters are often a glorious surprise and

many are ordained.

If we present our day,

fix our eyes on Him,

when we encounter people in their low places

we will be ready to reveal the Most High

in us.

When I began the process of considering working as physical

therapist again,

I had weeks of asking all the 5 W’s and the 1 H.

You know…

who, what when, where, why and how?

Over each question, I kept hearing…

This is from the Lord and is His doing;
it is marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day which the Lord has brought about;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118: 23, 24

My only response:

You are my God, and I will confess, praise and
give thanks to You;
You are my God, I will extol You.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
for His mercy and loving-kindness endure
Psalm 118: 28, 29 

If inadequacy is a  fixture  before your eyes,

why not bring your days  face to face with Jesus?

5 thoughts on “days

  1. I ‘m definitely part of the team fix your eyes on Jesus.
    Thanks for sharing you are touching lives like mine across the seas.
    I’m leading our church youth and our theme is “Look and become! What are you looking at?” The focus is on fixing one’s eyes on Jesus anchor verse Psalm 34:5


  2. We are keeping fixed Cher…we are keeping fixed…repeat!
    Many roads walked with you, I am glad that we have kept on
    walking and have remained fixed.


  3. Oh Barb,
    I love that scripture and the
    I am grabbing an index card now and
    writing it out to put on my work
    Thank you my friend!


  4. Helen, I am so thankful you shared about this. I am proud of you and encouraged to join you in fixing my eyes on Jesus for every moment of each day.


  5. Helen, I love this. Reminded me of what Paul says in 2Corin. 2:14-3:6…we are a fragrance of Christ and our adequacy comes from him.


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