the game of life: no juggling required

the game of life: no juggling required

This is a picture of a game called Tip It.

The box states it is appropriate for ages 5 and up.

The object of the game is to one by one remove multicolored discs from their

“resting” place without tipping the whole apparatus over.

To accomplish this feat, a small plastic spatula is used for disc removal.

During a play time a couple of years ago, a friend of Caleb’s after one attempt glumly announced,

“I don’t think I want to play this game. I quit!”

We didn’t blame him,

It was hard.

Any false move or breath could cause the game to topple.

I pictured this game during the past week.

As I ran across fellow travelers who were grappling to keep

the colorful layers of their own lives from tumbling to the ground.




Daily life may resemble the delicate balance of Tip It.

When life begins to teeter, some abandon the game.

Others may feel like the rules of life have somehow

changed without fair warning.

Jesus wants to  bear the load.

Today if you are tired of juggling

and tripping over dropped balls.

If your muscles ache from hoisting

years worth of weight on your sloping shoulders.

It’s time to quit the heavy lifting.

No matter how flattened by life you may feel,

allow His power to lift you like a spatula.

Hear Jesus whisper,

“Let’s go to the other side.”

Trust Him.

Step into the boat.

The waves may stir.

The wind might blow.

Jesus may seem far removed

and quiet.


He has declared the destination.

The other side.

He will calm your storms and concerns

with the sound of His voice in due time.

Don’t be afraid to release the burdens of

your days to Him.

Breathe in His peace.

Extend fingers grasping for control

and intertwine them with the Savior.

Leave the crowds behind and get away

with Him.

He knows what each day will contain.

He sees every ball we attempt

to keep airborne.

He will be the One who will pick up each

fallen ball.

This is the time when you want someone

to pick up the balls and go home.

Follow Jesus to  safe shelter

and give up the occupational hazard

of juggling.

With hands held tightly and eyes on Him,

it is impossible to juggle.

It is His delight to unburden you from the

weight of your days.

Don’t quit.

You don’t want to miss Him

speak into this game of life.

3 thoughts on “the game of life: no juggling required

  1. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for sharing. I am going to share this with the three very beautiful, accomplished women that I traveled with last week. This may be just the lift they need. Blessings. Mor


  2. Hi! Helen
    Thanks for the inspirational message today I am motivated to surrender all to Jesus and let him carry the load for me. I realise that, It is only with a decluttered life that I can fully enjoy this game of life.


  3. Sharon,
    Oh the landmines that a cluttered life creates.
    I agree with you…may we both allow Him to carry us out
    of the clutter and burdens of each day!


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