I am not sure how many years the subject of sabbath has swirled around our walls.

I know that it isn’t an accident but a push in the direction to what God commands.

We have had years when we were very intentional.

The seasons when we were not as mindful are obvious

by looking at our marked up calendars

or  sensing our souls withering.

Carl and I recently had another conversation about how we can make it a consistent

and meaningful reality.

We don’t want to be bound by rules or rigid guidelines.

We simply want to rest…rest with one another…rest with others…rest with God in our midst.

Everyone of us needs this time to simply be and set aside the doing.

Sabbath is God's gift of repetitive and regular rest.
 It is given for our delight and communion with God.
 Time for being in the midst of a life of doing particularly
 characterize the sabbath.
~~definition taken from Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Adele Ahlberg Calhoun)

There must be a space created to  take off the dusty shoes of

our week and  massage our sore feet  from the rocks

scattered along our daily paths.

When an 8 year-old tells you he needs his down time,

it becomes apparent that God has constructed each of

us with the need of a sabbath rest.

Sabbath is not dependent upon our readiness to stop.
 We do not stop when we are finished.
 We do not stop when we complete our phone calls,
 finish our project, get through this stack of messages,
 or get out this report that is due tomorrow.
 We stop because it is time to stop.
~~Wayne Muller

I don’t think it needs to be difficult or laced with “should’s”.**

I don’t think it has to happen on Sunday.

Start with a half day.

Read your Bible and pray…then take a nap.

Take a walk.

Go for a hike.

Play games.

Throw a frisbee.

Read a book.

Cook dinner as a family.

Turn off anything that needs a current or a battery.

Write notes to loved ones faraway.


Pick flowers.

Let your heart’s desire lead you.

For our family, it requires a bit of planning.

I have  little deadlines especially now that I have added

the dimension of outside work.

I chose  my persistent  energy drainers.

For me, they are the meal planning, grocery shopping and clutter.

Somehow knowing that the rest is coming,

the delicious treat of rest.

All those tedious tasks become part of the equation

that equals the gift of rest.

By the time I pick up Caleb at school on Friday, knowing these

areas have been conquered, I can exhale and breath

in the beginning of His rest.

Find what consumes your energy and  might rob your

pursuit of rest.

Create a plan of attack so they won’t rise up and overtake

your resolve.

It could be as “simple” as saying no.

Or giving yourself the permission to look at the mountains of

laundry AFTER your sabbath.

Trust me, it won’t move.

However you will move closer to your Creator.

You were made for God who created the Sabbath.

We realized we already have a natural rhythm from Friday evening

leading into Saturday and were forcing

ourselves to fit a Sunday model.

Saturday mornings have always been my sweet time to have a more

lingering time with God.

I am not a morning person but I set my alarm to try to beat Caleb’s footsteps

on the stairs.

It’s a challenge to beat that early bird child but thanks to a coffee maker with a timer,

it can be done!

Sometimes, I sleep in without guilt.

Blog posts frequently spring from my super-sized Saturday mornings.

Carl has a long-standing basketball game that brings him joy

and sweats away stress from the week.

Sometimes I take a walk.

We tend to putter on Saturdays.

I would like to take a more defined break from the computer.

We read, watch movies, play games, talk and laugh a lot.

Rest leads us into our Sunday which feels like

an extension of our set apart Saturday,

except that Sundays seems to pass so quickly.

Sometimes we won’t be able to avoid Saturday

activities and that is just fine.

I trust that with our hearts set towards finding

His rest, we will hit the target more often than not.

Tell me…

Do you take a sabbath rest during your week?

Have you felt the nudge towards finding time for a sabbath rest?

If you do practice taking a sabbath, what has been helpful to you?

Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.



Our family loves breakfast.

We had the habit of cooking a nice brunch after church.

Our church has one service and by the time we drive home,

change clothes, cook and eat it is nearly 2 o’clock.

Dinner is only a few hours away.

I felt like my Sunday was spent preparing for meals.

We have decided on another way.

I now lay out the ingredients to make sandwiches or

something in that vein for a quick meal after church.

So easy and fills the need.

We can always have breakfast for dinner on another day.

But for Saturday as I type this there is crock pot oatmeal cooking,

which  will be ready for the varied wake up times of our 


How can you make life easier?

Rituals or rest?

Choose the best!


Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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