be a willing subject

be a willing subject

Check this out.

There are moments when an old habit or attitude creeps

back into my life.

Those times catch me by surprise, causing me to choke on my breath.

Somehow I thought  I was finished with those ways.

The only purposeful response is to point myself back in the

direction of the King and become His subject once again.

The 5 verses found in the link above reveals  an action plan

to wrangle  the tendency to resort to old ways

thus fleeing the Way.

The first truth to remember is that God give more and more


Isn’t that radical?

The amplified version says in brackets that this grace is the power

of the Holy Spirit to meet this evil tendency and ALL OTHERS FULLY.

There is not one evil intention or willful sin that God’s grace will not

fully cover.

With this life-changing knowledge, give this action plan a try.

  • Be humble and watch His grace abound.  Rid yourself of pride,
    it is in opposition to God.
  • Be subject** to God. By submitting to God, you become his willing subject upon
    whom His grace can be placed.
  • Resist the devil.  Stand firm and watch the enemy flee.
  • Come close to God. God will come close to you.
  • Take an honest inventory of your life and get clean.
  • Draw near to God in deep heartfelt repentance.
  • Humble yourself.  God will lift you up.
A willing subject overflows with  humility.
Humility closes the gap between you and God.
Pride blocks grace.
Sometime it is difficult to maintain a steady gaze on ourselves.
God’s way tells us to look in the mirror and then look to Him.
If our vision rests solely on our own faces, we will feel insignificant.
When we walk humbly before our God, He takes the shambles of
our lives and makes them significant.
God meets us with each step taken towards Him.
How glorious to be subject to God and be His subject.
**subject (v.)
*to bring under control or dominion
 *to arrange under, to subordinate
 *to submit to one's control
 *to yield to one's admonition or advice
 *to obey, be subject

subject (n.)
 ~one under authority
 ~one who lives in the territory and
 enjoys the protection of and owes
 allegiance to a sovereign power or state.

Subject is a military term meaning
"to arrange [troop divisions] in military fashion
 under the command of a leader".

In non-military terms, a voluntary attitude
giving in, cooperating, assuming responsibility, or carrying a burden.

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