sharing the love

sharing the love

Spring break is almost here, evidenced by the snowfall last night.

That settles it, I will just let God determine the season and what

it should look like.

Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?

I love blogging and I love reading blogs as well.

I have a list of blogs that I read on a reader.

I wanted to pass on three blogs that as soon as I scan

my list and see their names in bold print, I don’t hesitate

to click and read.

Three bloggers who I do not know in person, all three have

graciously responded when I have commented despite the

fact that they have heavy-duty readership.

I think that speaks volumes!

Allow me introduce you to a few of my online cheerleaders.


Mary DeMuth at live uncaged

Mary doesn’t know but she is my writing coach.
Yet you don’t have to be interested in writing to
be inspired. Check out her live uncaged series.
Read her posts on parenting and marriage.
She writes from a place of honesty and relevance.
I have a few of her posts pasted into my journal as
reminders of living uncaged in the freedom of Christ. 

Emily Freeman at chatting at the sky 

I stumbled across Emily’s  blog during the middle
of last year. I read her book, Grace for the Good Girl and
I love reading her words and viewing her photography.
She is another one who points me towards God and my
identity in Him and to avoid peering  over fences checking out
someone’s view.

Susie Davis at… the good news girl

I started reading her blog. I won her e-book (I never
win giveaways)  and I have
have been reading her blog ever since.
There is a bit of everything.
You will find plenty of food, faith and fun.
I love her zest for life and dependence on the Lord.
As one who struggles with too many typed words,
I appreciate the depth of insight
 Susie can convey in a paragraph. 

Whatever season is making itself known outside your

window, allow God to be your escort out the door.

Have a blessed day!

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