Precious Friday joy…

  • Bible study with ladies that have enfolded and claimed me
    as their own.
  • Being reminded that I am a overcomer.  It’s alright to wrestle…I might just win.
  • My mind whispers watch out for sugar.  My mouth shouts  to my mind,
    “You have never tasted a dulce de leche cream puff.”
  • Strolling down an aisle at Target…if that isn’t joy enough but finding
    oodles of notebooks for pennies on clearance.
  • Oh and the tablecloth above that bears Caleb’s pen marks…just 5 bucks
    at that favorite Bull’s Eye store.  Now he can draw to his heart’s content.
  • Finding the pictured magazine poking out of my mail slot signals time for
    a nice coffee break.

May your weekend be full of unexpected joy as you seek Him in the Word, in relationships

and in simple daily things.

If you are like me, then I hope your mind will win once in a while and  take you on a walk to offset that

busy little mouth.

I am a overcomer.

I am a overcomer.

I am a overcomer.

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